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The Daily Word 02.18.10: Snowboarding, School Suspensions, Yoko Ono

The Daily Word

Snowboarder Shaun White wins second gold in halfpipe. Even if you think snowboarders should pull up their pants, his rendition of new jump, the Whitesnake, was pretty amazing.

Speaking of Olympics pants, check out the Norwegian curling team's trousers.

As of this morning, state legislature has not agreed to a budget; New Mexico will be run on the coupon system.

Avalanche buries Pakistani village.

Schools toying with idea of allowing students to graduate two years early.

With health insurance companies wanting to raise rates by percentages in the double digits (not to mention their record profits), Obama administration raises the Not Cool flag.

A 12-year-old girl is arrested in New York City for doodling on her desk about how much she loves her friends.

Another kid got detention for being a Michael Scott fan.

A Rio Rancho teen suspended for getting jumped. Jesus, schools.

Childbirth can lead to PTSD.

Watch "Lost"? You should. Here's a montage of the best beatings of Ben Linus.

It's Yoko Ono's birthday!