V.29 No.35 | 8/27/2020
Crime Scene Do Not Cross
Kat Wilcox / Pexels License

News Interview

Officer Involved Shootings Are Nothing New

Interview with civil rights attorney Rachel Higgins

Dozens of officer involved shootings took place from 2000 to 2014, and the subsequent public outcry brought the DoJ into the city’s police department to oversee reform measures. Ken Reiss’ death on Aug. 11 was the sixth APD officer-involved shooting this year. Weekly Alibi sat down for a conversation with Rachel Higgins, attorney for the Reiss family.
V.29 No.32 | 8/6/2020
Harris Smith
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

How is UNM Going to Work?

A conversation with the new dean of the College of Fine Arts.

It’s going to be a very different year at the College of Fine Arts at UNM, beginning with a new dean, Harris Smith, and obviously, continuing on with new ways to teach given the global pandemic. We sat down with Smith to talk about his background, his goals for the school and how students are going to be able to learn in this very different environment.
V.29 No.31 | 7/30/2020
Ellen Lesperance
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

What We Wear When We Protest

Ellen Lesperance on sweaters

Ellen Lesperance is a painter interested in the sweaters worn by the protesting women during the 19 years of an all-women anti-nuclear protest outside the gates of the Royal Airforce base Greenham Common in England throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Weekly Alibi sat down with Lesperance to talk about protests, knitting and the strength of sweaters.
V.29 No.30 | 7/23/2020
Clark Andrew Libbey
Clarke Condé

Music Interview

Creating a COVID Anthem

Clark Andrew Libbey’s Small Town Famous

There is nothing like a global pandemic to keep musicians home recording albums. Those making electronic music may have it a bit easier than those requiring a full band in these times of social distancing, but Clark Andrew Libbey found a workaround for this problem on his new album Small Town Famous by playing all the instruments himself.
V.29 No.29 | 7/16/2020
Carolyn Meyer
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Unmaking a Racist

Carolyn Meyer one-woman show

Carolyn Meyer is an 85-year-old white woman that has grappled with racism herself; her own. Her one-woman show is about growing up in small-town America, how racism permeated everything and how she changed her own mind. Weekly Alibi sat down with Meyer to talk about her own evolution in thinking about race, her show and what’s next.
V.29 No.28 | 7/9/2020
Justine Andrews at UNM
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Mindful Looking

Justine Andrews on a slower way to see art

What exactly are we trying to get out of this art thing, anyway? UNM art history professor and meditation practitioner Justine Andrews suggests that there is a mindful way to experience a work of art.
V.29 No.27 | 7/2/2020
Frank Blazquez
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

These are the People in Your Neighborhood

Frank Blazquez’s Barrios de Nuevo Mexico

Frank Blazquez sees someone that looks interesting, then he walks up to them and asks if he can take their picture. No chit chat. No establishing a rapport.
V.29 No.26 | 6/25/2020
Jennifer DeSantis
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Bringing Art Auctions Online

Jennifer DeSantis and the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auctions

Weekly Alibi sat down with Jennifer DeSantis (at a social distance) to find out how the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auctions work.
V.29 No.13 | 3/26/2020

Music Interview

Corley’s Jazz

Emerson, EJazz and the community react

People behind the music and entertainment industry—the artists, musicians, technicians and a wide assortment of service workers—continue to suffer economically as well as perhaps emotionally and psychologically. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Entourage Jazz lighting up the social media world this week with a photo they took at St. John’s United Methodist Church.
Midnight at the De Anza Motor Inn
Katy Hammel

Arts Interview

Local Short Fiction by Subscription

Plot Duckies delivers literary goods

Staying in? How about reading a good story from a local author right here in New Mexico? That is the idea behind the new subscription service that brings a new short story by a New Mexican author to the tablet or other such e-reading device every week. We spoke with author and publisher Sonja Dewing.
V.29 No.12 | 3/19/2020
Levi Romero
photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

New Mexico’s First State Poet Laureate

A conversation with Levi Romero

Weekly Alibi sat down with Levi Romero to talk about the people of New Mexico, what makes this place endure and the plans he has for his tenure as the state’s first poet laureate.
V.29 No.11 | 3/12/2020
Jan Butchofsky
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Photographing Mescalero Apache Maidens

Jan Butchofsky’s Ceremony: Coming of Age

Jan Butchofsky’s series Ceremony: Coming of Age documents two Mescalero Apache girls as they are initiated by their community into womanhood. Invited by the family, it is rare to have people from outside the Native community witness this ritual, and rarer still to see photographs of this four-day ceremony. Weekly Alibi sat down with Butchofsky to talk about making pictures, establishing trust and photographing the Mescalero Apache maidens.
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V.29 No.10 | 3/5/2020
Juliana Coles
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

A Pirate in the Desert

Juliana Coles at Ghostwolf Gallery

Juliana Coles’ pirate name is Captain Morgan Le Fay. Weekly Alibi sat down with Coles to talk about pirates, scars, blue skies and her paintings.
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V.29 No.9 | 2/27/2020
Juli Hendren
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Revolutions as Diplomacy

Juli Hendren on the theater festival’s 20th anniversary

Revolutions International Theatre Festival is not simply about the theater the festival includes, it is about bringing together the people involved. Weekly Alibi sat down with Juli Hendren to talk about diplomacy, theater and this year’s Revolutions.
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V.29 No.8 | 2/20/2020
Dweezil Zappa and band

Music Interview

Dweezil, Son of Frank

The Zappa legacy includes Hot Rats

Weekly Alibi rang up Dweezil Zappa to find out where he stood in relation to subjects like foaming goo and reaching nirvana tonight.
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