V.28 No.49 | 12/5/2019
Pete Parkin
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

The Ghost That Haunts

Albuquerque homelessness and An Adobe Christmas Carol

If art has a role in finding solutions to the problem of homelessness, its most useful tool may be offering perspective. Playwright Pete Parkin has adapted the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, cast it with actors playing the homeless and set it in Albuquerque circa 2019 to do just that.
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Anthony Nguyen, Bloodshot Records

Music Interview

Our Barbaric Yawpers

Over the roofs of the world

We chat with one of The Yawpers about their broadly American, mythic in scale and gritty in character sound.
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V.28 No.48 | 11/28/2019
Mayling Garcia
Corey Yazzie

Music Interview

Swirling and Vibrating

Mayling Garcia and her glass armonica

Albuquerque’s Mayling Garcia waded into the history and mythology of the glass armonica to become proficient on the rare instrument. Weekly Alibi invited her over to talk about it and her music and a sound that ultimately defies description.
V.28 No.47 | 11/21/2019
Michael McCormick
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Crafting Jim Henson’s Vision

An interview with puppeteer and creature creator Michael McCormick

As part of the Albuquerque Museum’s new exhibit opening this Saturday, The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, Michael McCormick (puppeteer and creature creator that worked with Jim Henson on some of his most memorable productions including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth) will be introducing The Dark Crystal at a film screening followed by a Q&A. Weekly Alibi sat down with McCormick in his Albuquerque home to talk about his work with Jim Henson, the craft of puppetry and the creatures he created.
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Amy Guess
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Rocanrol Woman

Amy Guess on art and honesty

Weekly Alibi speak with singer-songwriter and total rocker Amy Guess.
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V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019
image by Xanthe Miller

Arts Interview

Don’t Fence Me In

Sam Truett on Species in Peril on the Borderlands

Weekly Alibi sat down with Samuel Truett, Associate Professor of History at the University of New Mexico and expert panelist for Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande, to talk about the history of the US/Mexico border and what borders mean for the animals that must cross them.
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August James and Peach Tauzer
photo by Corey Yazzie

Music Interview

In The Neighborhood

August James and the Lovesick Symphony

Weekly Alibi invited August James and drummer Peach Tauzer of up-and-coming country-inflected The Lovesick Symphony to our headquarters for a chat.
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V.28 No.45 | 11/7/2019
Joun Donald Robb
Robb Photo Collection, Center for Southwest Research, UNM Libraries

Music Interview

John Donald Robb of New Mexico

Musicologist, Composer Left His Mark

Weekly Alibi chatted with UNM Distinguished Professor Emeritus Enrique Lamadrid to find out more about Dean John Donald Robb.
John Gallegos
photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

The South Valley Studio Tour 2019

An Interview with South Valley Artist John Gallegos

The South Valley Studio Tour is an ad hoc group of artists who got together three years ago to invite people into their homes and studios. Weekly Alibi sat down with John Gallegos to talk about making art in the South Valley.
V.28 No.44 | 10/31/2019
OM BBC Radio 1

Music Interview

A Sacred Syllable at the Beeb

OM Releases Historic BBC Sessions

OM just came off a lengthy European tour. That tour included a day in residence at the BBC. While there, the band recorded four tracks from their last two albums. Weekly Alibi met with Al Cisneros to talk about it.
Jared Kellog

Arts Interview


Flamenco Through the Lens of Jared Kellogg

Partnering with Flamenco Works, Photographer Jared Kellogg has applied the craft of traditional black and white film photography to show the grace and passion of flamenco dance.
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V.28 No.43 | 10/24/2019
Two Stoned Betties

Cannabis Manual

Art and Entrepreneurship

An Interview With Two Stoned Betties

Sara Romãn and Kayla Mansfield, self-proclaimed Burqueñas and longtime best friends, are two dynamic artists and businesswomen who make more than just jewelry. Weekly Alibi recently sat down with Two Stoned Betties for an energetic conversation about Burque work and life.
Pat Davis
Eric Williams Photography

Cannabis Manual

A Conversation With Pat Davis

Chairman of the Governor’s Marijuana Legalization Work Group

After several meetings and a lengthy report to the governor, the Marijuana Legalization Working Group said they were done. That’s when Weekly Alibi asked to chat with working group chairman Pat Davis.
Brad Lewis
Andres Leighton

Cannabis Manual

Sustainable, Inclusive Crop

An Interview With Brad Lewis

Agriculture is big business in The Land of Enchantment, and Weekly Alibi had the pleasure to sit down with New Mexico's own Agricultural and Environmental Services Division Director Brad Lewis.
V.28 No.42 | 10/17/2019
Lynn Trujillo
Eric Williams Photography

News Interview

Ending the Silence

Investigating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A recent report examines the continuing crisis concerning murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls throughout our nation. Weekly Alibi met with the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department Cabinet Secretary Lynn Trujillo, who will be overseeing the new task force to determine the scope of the problem.