V.29 No.13 | 3/26/2020

Music Interview

Corley’s Jazz

Emerson, EJazz and the community react

People behind the music and entertainment industry—the artists, musicians, technicians and a wide assortment of service workers—continue to suffer economically as well as perhaps emotionally and psychologically. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Entourage Jazz lighting up the social media world this week with a photo they took at St. John’s United Methodist Church.
Midnight at the De Anza Motor Inn
Katy Hammel

Arts Interview

Local Short Fiction by Subscription

Plot Duckies delivers literary goods

Staying in? How about reading a good story from a local author right here in New Mexico? That is the idea behind the new subscription service that brings a new short story by a New Mexican author to the tablet or other such e-reading device every week. We spoke with author and publisher Sonja Dewing.
V.29 No.12 | 3/19/2020
Levi Romero
photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

New Mexico’s First State Poet Laureate

A conversation with Levi Romero

Weekly Alibi sat down with Levi Romero to talk about the people of New Mexico, what makes this place endure and the plans he has for his tenure as the state’s first poet laureate.
V.29 No.11 | 3/12/2020
Jan Butchofsky
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Photographing Mescalero Apache Maidens

Jan Butchofsky’s Ceremony: Coming of Age

Jan Butchofsky’s series Ceremony: Coming of Age documents two Mescalero Apache girls as they are initiated by their community into womanhood. Invited by the family, it is rare to have people from outside the Native community witness this ritual, and rarer still to see photographs of this four-day ceremony. Weekly Alibi sat down with Butchofsky to talk about making pictures, establishing trust and photographing the Mescalero Apache maidens.
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V.29 No.10 | 3/5/2020
Juliana Coles
Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

A Pirate in the Desert

Juliana Coles at Ghostwolf Gallery

Juliana Coles’ pirate name is Captain Morgan Le Fay. Weekly Alibi sat down with Coles to talk about pirates, scars, blue skies and her paintings.
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V.29 No.9 | 2/27/2020
Juli Hendren
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Revolutions as Diplomacy

Juli Hendren on the theater festival’s 20th anniversary

Revolutions International Theatre Festival is not simply about the theater the festival includes, it is about bringing together the people involved. Weekly Alibi sat down with Juli Hendren to talk about diplomacy, theater and this year’s Revolutions.
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V.29 No.8 | 2/20/2020
Dweezil Zappa and band

Music Interview

Dweezil, Son of Frank

The Zappa legacy includes Hot Rats

Weekly Alibi rang up Dweezil Zappa to find out where he stood in relation to subjects like foaming goo and reaching nirvana tonight.
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Tania Candiani
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

The Sweet Sound of Color

Tania Candiani’s Cromática

Cromática started with artist Tania Candiani’s investigations into traditional Mexican modes of textile and ceramic production. As she began working with traditional weavers to create the textiles for the exhibit, the sounds of their work became part of the exhibit itself: synesthesia.
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V.29 No.7 | 2/13/2020
Count Dracula and Mina Harker
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Interview About a Vampire

Patricia Dickinson Wells on Dracula, A Love Story

Weekly Alibi sat down with choreographer Patricia Dickinson Wells to talk about ballet and Dracula, A Love Story.
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V.29 No.6 | 2/6/2020
Hondo Baca
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

The Tears of a Clown

A Family Band for a Clown Funeral

Darlin’ and the Rodeo Runners have raised enough to give their beloved Ma and Pa the grand send-off that rodeo clown royalty deserves. Son and band leader Hondo Baca wants his parents’ funeral to be a celebration of their lives, so he and the family have invited the community to the funeral at their parent’s home located inside the Tricklock Performance Laboratory.
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Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers
Corey Yazzie

Music Interview

A Conversation About Life’s Music

With Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers

What is it that makes a record great? Defining the qualities that go into forging a great record on the rock and roll fire can be a trying task. We invited Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers to stop by and talk about the music he makes.
V.29 No.5 | 1/30/2020
Cedra Wood
photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Camels and a Particular Turkey Vulture

Cedra Wood’s A Soft Eye, A Mirror-Eye

Weekly Alibi sat down with Cedra Wood to talk about camels, vultures and what drew her to draw them.
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Liz Linder Photography

Music Interview

Newpoli and Italian Folk

Folk ensemble creates anew

Weekly Alibi talks to Carmen Marsico and Björn Wennås of Southern Italy's folk group Newpoli.
V.29 No.4 | 1/23/2020
VJ Liberatori
Photo by Clarke Condé

Arts Interview

Risk and Reward

VJ Liberatori on the QSolo Festival

The Aux Dog is in the midst of its annual solo-performer festival, QSolo, and solo performers are always a gamble for a theater. In talking with Producing Artistic Director VJ Liberatori, though, it is clear that she wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Stephanie Hatfield
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Days, Decades and Rivers, Too

A conversation with Stephanie Hatfield and Bill Palmer

Weekly Alibi chats with Stephanie Hatfield and her bandmate and co-producer Bill Palmer.