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isaac benton

V.28 No.25 | 6/20/2019
Isaac Benton
Corey Yazzie

On Assignment

Chatting with Isaac Benton

District Two City Councilor has Burque’s back

We sat down with longtime District 2 City Councilor Isaac Benton.
V.25 No.2 | 01/14/2016


The Daily Word in protecting the Petroglyph National Monument, pharma bro and hangover-less booze

The Daily Word

New Mexico may soon have two different driver's licenses in order to comply with the Federal Real ID law.

Albuquerque may purchase land adjoining the Petroglyph National Monument in an effort to thwart development near the ancient site.

A local teen with Down Syndrome was robbed of his tablets, computer and other electronics he uses for school and to communicate with others.

Here is Stephen Hawking's list of top ways humans will destroy themselves and the planet.

Donald Trump proves lacking in knowledge of the Bible.

Experts agree Sarah Palin must be the surprise guest at a Trump rally today.

Univision Inc. now owns the controlling interest in the satire publication The Onion.

North Korea claims to have invented booze that won't give one a hangover.

Bro, don't call him "pharma bro" anymore, bro.

V.24 No.40 | 10/1/2015

Council Watch

Election Ahoy!

Fill out your ballot before you see the balloons

City Council districts 4 and 6 are contested, some charter amendments are proposed and there are some bonds to consider.
V.22 No.50 |


The Daily Word in Snowden, Snowden, NSA and Ozzy wasn't really sober

The Daily Word

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" was filming in New Mexico again recently.

The answer is "no."

More cops in downtown Albuquerque -and not just on Weekends?

A US judge says NSA spying may be unconstitutional. But everybody's doing it.

Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Brazil, offers to help Brazilians prevent the NSA from collecting their metadata, in open letter.

I, for one, do not really want to remember Ray Price.

New Lars Von Trier movie is long, has copious and various depictions of sex and is freaking people out.

Giant Horse Conch is also freaking people out.

If you count up all the months during which it later turned out that Ozzy was off the wagon you may discover that he has never actually been sober at all, ever.

Personal and the Pizzas are going after The Pizza Underground.

Two new biker documentaries I found online today: Riding With the 12 O'Clock Boys and Beat Ass.

V.22 No.36 |

Alibi Picks

District 2 City Council Candidates Forum Thursday

Though they may sound like delicious varieties of candy, “Ike” and “Rox” are actually candidates competing for the new incarnation of the District 2 City Council seat. What’s clear is that each one possesses an equally admirable All-American three-letter nickname, so unfortunately, citizens won’t be able to use that as the deciding factor when they vote on Oct. 8. This race might just have to come down to the issues.

Today’s District 2 was formed in 2012 through arcane redistricting magic that melded most of Democrat Isaac “Ike” Benton’s District 3 (including Barelas, Downtown and north-campus neighborhoods) into Debbie O’Malley’s North Valley District 2. When O’Malley got a new gig as County Commissioner, Mayor Berry appointed fellow Republican Roxanna “Rox” Meyers to fill the vacancy. So inasmuch as city council races ever get exciting, it’s pretty exciting that the race for the now-meatier District 2 features two resident incumbents squaring off. This Thursday, Sept. 12, both Meyers and Benton will be at the North Valley Senior Center for a Q&A forum during a meeting of the North Valley Coalition. Ignore their likeable nicknames and demand they tackle the issues by bringing your tough questions about the area’s three Rs: roundabouts, revitalizations and the Rio Grande. North Valley Senior Center • Thu Sep 12 • 6:30 pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

V.18 No.39 | 9/24/2009
Isaac Benton


District 3: Downtown, Parts of the South Valley

The Alibi endorses: Isaac Benton

You can't ask for a better councilor than Isaac Benton. Early in his first term, he was faced with the immediate problem of flooding in Barelas and the Santa Barbara / Martineztown area. Benton says the flooding wasn't a top priority of Mayor Martin Chavez' administration at first. He passed a bill through the Council that forced it to the top of Chavez' to-do list. Benton's efforts resulted in new storm drainage retention ponds in those neighborhoods that reduce the chance of future floods.

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