Jason Isaacs

jason isaacs

V.27 No.13 | 3/29/2018
The Death of Stalin

Film Review

The Death of Stalin

Stalin meets slapstick in brutally funny political satire

The Death of Stalin is a manic comedy with occasional doses of slapstick, with some of the bleakest gallows humor in recent memory.
V.24 No.11 | 3/12/2015

Idiot Box

Dig It

“Dig” on USA

USA Network’s “Dig” unearths a conspiracy of Biblical proportions.
V.21 No.9 | 3/1/2012

Idiot Box

Where Was I?

“Awake” on NBC

For whatever inexplicable reasons, Americans are becoming pop culturally obsessed with alternate worlds / parallel universes. It’s cropping up in films (Mike Cahill’s navel-gazing astronomy lesson Another Earth) and in television (FOX’s mind-bending mystery series “Fringe”). Heck, even venerable kids’ comic book “Life With Archie” has dedicated the last year or so to exploring two increasingly dark parallel existences—one in which Archie married Betty and one in which he married Veronica. (I’m not even kidding.) Now, NBC goes whole hog with the concept with the speculative cop drama “Awake.”

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