V.23 No.29 | 7/17/2014


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #353: I Need to Get Those Maps

My brother-in-law and I are about to leave on a trip for which we will need two maps: one of Phoenix and and another of Bandelier. My neighbor M has them.

A new red jeep backs up into our driveway, proceeding to their house which is behind ours. They are leaving too. I need to get to the maps. I walk around back to their house. I see the maps are already in the back of their station wagon, but their house is gone now. It's just a low wire fence around some dirt.

I see M and L sitting on a bench outside the house next door. I step over the low fences and approach them. They are watching intently as an irrigation ditch is being filled with a lot of water. A guy in a gray suit is diving for bodies. He finds one and floats it to the surface.

V.18 No.32 | 8/6/2009


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #112: There’s a Jeep In It!

I have caused the death of a guy's wife. I walk along the curb of a busy street. There is no sidewalk. A military jeep carrying the guy and driven by his friend swerves toward me. They drive right through me. In spirit I hear news reports of how the guy is so distraught that he is expected to die if he sleeps another night outside in the cold.