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V.21 No.39 | 9/27/2012
Reel World

Reel World


Multiple congratulations are in order. Local producer Anthony DellaFlora and videographers Blaise Koller and Charles McClain have all been nominated for a Rocky Mountain Emmy. The trio worked together on “Flight Path: The Flyway Project,” a short documentary detailing Corrales artist Robert Wilson’s journey from creation to completion of a controversial public art project using recycled jetty jacks. The documentary was produced as part of a series of interview shows for the city’s Public Art Urban Enhancement Program that airs on Albuquerque’s GOV-TV (Comcast Cable Channel 16). Winners of this year’s Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards will be announced in Phoenix on Oct. 6. In the meantime, DellaFlora (along with his writing partner Michael Gallagher) has inked a deal with the recently formed Rio Grande Media Group. DellaFlora and Gallagher’s script for the crime thriller Dead By Thursday has been optioned as a feature film project. The group, which produces the late-night variety show “The After After Party” with Steven Michael Quezada, is hoping to branch out into larger projects—including a possible TV drama. If all goes well, Dead By Thursday will begin shooting in Albuquerque, Deming, Las Cruces and Grants by next year.

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V.20 No.28 | 7/14/2011
The cast of   Horrible Bosses   models the new “About to Be Unemployed” line from J Crew.

Film Review

Horrible Bosses

Fear of unemployment stokes conventionally crude comedy

In Horrible Bosses, three put-upon workers conspire to bump off one another’s evil employers. Yes, it’s a variation on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 classic Strangers on a Train, but it’s such a venerable framework upon which to hang a story that the familiarity of the tale only adds to the fun. Besides, we haven’t seen a blackly comic reiteration of this magnitude since 1987’s Throw Momma from the Train.

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The Daily Word 02.11.10: Islam, Kids, Aphrodisiacs

The Daily Word

Iran celebrates 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution; protests, not so much.

Is the Albuquerque Journal contributing to "deficit hysteria"?

Alec Baldwin taken to hospital. Is OK; just a misunderstanding. Joke, joke, Liz Lemon.

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen dies from apparent suicide.

Is your kid bipolar? Turns out, maybe not.

Soldier dad arrested for waterboarding 4-year-old daughter for failure to recite alphabet.

This lady, who is famous in Britain for reasons unknown, made her 2-year-old daughter look like a hoo-ore. Ex-husband unhappy. And the daughter's name is Princess.

Stuttering could be genetic.

'Tis the season for aphrodisiacs. Note: The scent of cherries decreases women's arousal levels. Use that how you will.

This crazy Gallup drunk driver repeatedly backed into a police SUV during a chase. Caught! On tape!

A guy gets Dubai court to annul marriage after seeing his cross-eyed, bearded beauty without her niqab, or Islamic veil. If he'd ever seen Looney Tunes, he wouldn't have found himself in that mess. Classic Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd.

It's Jennifer Aniston's birthday!