jodie herrera

V.26 No.18 | 5/4/2017
Jodie Herrera

Culture Shock

Bridging Worlds

Women Across Borders aims to create connection and awareness through art

In Women Across Borders, Jodie Herrera will use her craft to tell the traumatic stories of refugee and immigrant women.
V.25 No.32 | 8/11/2016
Jodie Herrera

Wonder Women

Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Jodie Herrera

Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Jodie Herrera chat about art, families, politics and irony.
V.23 No.47 | 11/20/2014
Images courtesy of the artist

Arts Feature

Not Everything Is Illuminated

New Mexico artist sheds light on complicated lives

Beautiful humans and layers of symbolism intertwine on the raw-wood canvasses of local artist Jodie Herrera.
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