Julianne Moore

julianne moore

V.28 No.35 | 8/29/2019
After the Wedding

Film Review

After the Wedding

American remake of Danish film milks the mama drama

The story of people whose best intentions often end up steamrolling over the lives and emotions of others is both touching and universal, but overall, After the Wedding lacks the teary-eyed impact you'd expect.
V.28 No.12 | 3/21/2019
Gloria, contemplating her love for ABBA

Film Review

Gloria Bell

Disco-fueled drama looks for love in several wrong places

Gloria Bell is about seeking out and accepting joy in life’s tiny moments, not wallowing in misery. Its empowering coda is mild and delivered as a spur-of-the-moment whim in an act that leads less to a life-changing epiphany and more to a moment of Zen-like acceptance.
V.25 No.23 | 6/9/2016
Maggie’s Plan

Film Review

Maggie’s Plan

Control, narcissism and love mix with oddball results

Funny one-liners and strange antics keep the story moving along even if hazy clouds of anthropology jargon glaze the eyes every once in a while.
V.24 No.7 | 2/12/2015
“I really need to know: Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

Film Review

Still Alice

Alzheimer’s hits hard in simple family drama

Oscar-nominated psychological drama Still Alice addresses the horror of Alzheimer’s head-on.
V.18 No.49 |


The Daily Word 12.03.09: Sex, Books, Pot

The Daily Word

ABQ father who shot infant in head gets attacked in court.

Comcast to buy controlling share in NBC from GE. My first thought? How will this shake out in a "30 Rock" plot?

Road rage toward cyclists escalates; man convicted of using his car as weapon against two on bikes.

New York Times releases its Best Books of 2009. Of which I've read a half. As in, half of one of these books: Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City. Honestly, I think it's so-so. But it takes place in New York, so there ya go.

Here's their 100 Notable Books of 2009. A Village Life is good. Don't read Lark and Termite. It was terrible. You can read NYT's Michiko Kakutani's review here. She loved it. She should change her name to Michiko Crack-utani.

New York lawmakers vote down gay marriage. I'm starting to lose faith in all things New York.

Update: Male athletes like to have sex with a bunch of ladies.

Clean energy in New Mexico? We don't have the technology!

Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood arrested for domestic assault. The 62-year-old had been cheating on his wife of 24 years with a 20-year-old. This report says that the young one was the victim. Also, Ronnie Wood looks like my meemaw.

Some stoner do-gooder donated a jug containing $1500 worth of pot to Goodwill.

It's Julianne Moore's birthday.