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V.25 No.8 | 2/25/2016
Anat Grigorio
Gadi Dagon

Culture Shock

The Collectors of Movement

Keshet celebrates dance's power and diversity at new festival

Keshet Dance Company's Rio Grande Movement Collectors Festival brings together a diverse troupe of far flung dancers.
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V.21 No.45 |
The Rat Queen and a Snowflake in Keshet's Nutcracker on the Rocks


Help Keshet Dance Company get their new home

County Commission meeting today: 4:45 to 7:30pm Vincent E. Griego Chambers at City Hall

Keshet Dance Company is an award-winning, Albuquerque based non-profit whose mission goes beyond simply being a stellar dance company, which it certainly is. Since Shira Greenberg founded it in 1996, Keshet has been a place where dancers with special needs and physical challenges can learn, rehearse, and perform as equals among a diverse group of kids and adults that make up the Keshet community. Inviting homeless children and juveniles wrapped up in the legal system to participate in and create dance pieces has made a difference in countless people's lives. Keshet has outgrown it's current home and is raising money for a new one.

Keshet's quest for new digs has become a saga of biblical proportions, but they're very close to making it happen. Bernalillo County Commissioners will decide tonight whether or not to grant a $150,000 funding request towards the dance company's new home.

Come down and show the Commissioners that Keshet has broad community support. Show up at 4:30 to sign in if you want to speak in front of the Commission. City Hall is at 400 Marquette NW in Downtown Albuquerque, just west Civic Plaza.

V.20 No.34 | 8/25/2011

Art News

Fifty Thousand Bones

Body of work points a finger at genocide

Spectral figures clad in white float into the intersection of Fourth and Central. They carry armfuls of bones, which they deposit on the ground. As they retreat, more couriers appear and they too place dozens of skeletal pieces in the street. The cycle continues until 50,000 white offerings fill the crossroads. This is the first round of the activist art installation One Million Bones, and it happens on Saturday, Aug. 27.

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