V.27 No.7 | 2/15/2018
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Drooling Wonder

A tour of Minerva’s kitchen

Joshua Lee takes a tour of the kitchen where Minerva Canna Group's edibles are made, then treats himself with (to?) some cheesecake.
V.19 No.32 |


Rock The Golden Crown

Local bakery and pizzeria Golden Crown Panaderia is in the running for a kitchen makeover. They, of all the commercial kitchens I can think of in Albuquerque, need a renovation. They have been baking amazing bread and desserts in many styles for more than thirty years in the same location -and their pizza fairly rocks, even when they get my order wrong three times in a row. Golden Crown always makes up for it in the end and I always go back. Father/son Pratt and Chris and the bakers deserve a visit from this reality show. Click on Rock This Restaurant and use Golden Crown’s code 4057 to vote for them or text “rock” to 44256 again using the restaurant code 4057. Someone should tell RTR how to spell panaderia.

This contest is ongoing until August 23rd