V.21 No.5 | 2/2/2012


Genghis Barbie at Sunday Chatter

Like this video? If so you should head to The Kosmos tomorrow morning. It’s OK, the Superbowl doesn’t start until 4:30 p.m. Read about Genghis Barbie in this week’s Performance Preview: Genghis Barbie brings pop hits and French horns to Sunday Chatter.

V.20 No.22 |

Arts & Lit

Cool Art Show

Chess pieces with eerie human heads. Gluttonous wolves. An interactive wall with Velcro facial hair. They're all part of Black and White, a group show at 5G Gallery inside Factory on 5th. The show opened last Friday, and despite the color-free limitations put on the artists, the array of work is diverse—with themes ranging from philosophical polar bears to broken relationships depicted through geometric chiaroscuro. Gallerist David Cudney says the hours of the show are similar to the next door Kosmos Café's hours—about 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, a few hours after the Church of Beethoven on Sunday, or "whenever there is an event at Kosmos." Black and White runs through June 24th.

V.20 No.23 | 6/9/2011
Idris Goodwin


Church of Idris Goodwin

Poet/rapper/author/nice guy performs at COB

Idris Goodwin has a new book—These Are the Breaks—and a newish album—Break Beat Poems—and both of them are mm mm good. Because he somehow lives in Chicago, Iowa and New Mexico, you never know when you’ll get to catch him, or what crazy project he’ll be popping up in next. BUT see him this Sunday at the Church of Beethoven. You like music, you like poetry and, unless you’ve never heard him, you like Idris Goodwin. Go! Then you’ll be part of the team that knows what’s up.

(Full disclosure: I once acted in a play that Goodwin wrote. And it was awesome.)

This is the program:

Igor Stravinsky: Elegy for Solo Viola

George Gershwin: Preludes for Clarinet and Piano

Maurice Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Piano

Idris Goodwin, poet

V.20 No.9 | 3/3/2011
Black Apples
Benancio Blascoe


To the Core

The Black Apples

With elements of surf, soul and garage, The Black Apples has the ability to bring that feel to the fore in a creative way—unlike retro psych bands that merely riff on “Psychotic Reaction” or “Dirty Water” over and over.
V.19 No.19 |


The Kosmos and Beyond

Last weekend ruled!

As a follow up to the Kosmic Weekend blog, I would like to say that the weekend of May 7 was RAD. On Friday Panser Bjourn and Cloud Lantern played out at the Kosmos, it was the first show for both acts and the nervous excitement amplified the acoustic performances on it's own. Panser Bjourn won everyone's heart with complex and melodious mandolin riffs accompanied by his soft, windy vocals. Cloud Lantern is a new sound for Albuquerque, classically trained and unrestrained, the boys put on an impressively tight set using two percussionists, vocal looping, violin, cello and two classical guitars, that playfully dance back and forth.

I didn't make it to the show at the Kosmos on May 8, but I heard it was awesome. I was at the UNM Arts Lab, hearing from some of the experimental composing students there. It was very interesting.

On Sunday the Filthmongers rocked outside the Normal Gallery at a BBQ and skate party. It was so amazing that there is a different blog for that altogether. Later in the evening Twig Palace and Letters played Winning Coffee with local wierdos, Yoda's House. I was only able to catch Yoda's House which has had a recent change in lineup. Their set was a theatrical journey through mood and genre and felt very tribal and intimate. They will be out again in June as Yoda's House, but if you just can't wait till then, the Yoda's side project Then Eats Them will be playing Friday with Milch de la Machina at the Kosmos. Check out the Flyer on the Wall for all the info.

V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010


Lionhead Bunny, Raven Chacon, and More at Kosmos Tonight

From Rocksquawk.com

New Venue for stuff.


Lionhead Bunny (mem. Grave of Nobody's Darling)

Raven Chacon (me, solo)

and these characters:

KOSMOS (1715 5th st NW)

7:30pm $5

come check it out, talk to the girl running it, she is looking for new bands for the summer.

(See the original post here.)

V.19 No.11 | 3/18/2010

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Flyer on the Wall

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The hues that appear in mid-century color photography tend to create a delicate, airy quality, as if the sands of time are causing the image to melt away before our eyes. Here we see a western view of Route 66 at I-25 and ghostly Zia images hovering in the sky during what seems to be the late ’50s. Once a humble postcard, this photo now advertises Songs for Boys & Girls with Sugar Wings at The Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW) on Saturday at 7 p.m. (Jessica Cassyle Carr)

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