V.25 No.43 | 10/27/2016

The Daily Word in earthquakes in Italy, Dakota Access Pipeline, and Humboldt County weed growers

The Daily Word

Former DEA official Joseph Rannazzisi has accused Congress of prioritizing the pharmaceutical industry's profits over public health in its fight against prescription opioid epidemic. Rannazzisi said that drug companies have a "stranglehold" on Congress, influencing legislation to be more lax in allowing doctors to prescribe disproportionately large doses of prescription painkillers.

Native American water protectors of the Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota are despairing as the Dakota Access Pipeline nears completion. Time is running out, but some are doubling down on their commitment to stopping the pipeline before it reaches the Missouri River. “They can’t go through the river. We are not going to let them,” said Leota Eastman Iron Cloud, a Native American activist from South Dakota.

Central Italy was rocked by a devastating 6.6-magnitude earthquake on Sunday, leaving 300 dead and 15,000 without homes. Aftershocks continued into Monday, including one at 4.2-magnitude. This is the worst earthquake in Italy since 1980.

Lebanon was 29 months without a head of state until today, when Michel Aoun was sworn into office. Political infighting has kept position open since Michel Suleiman stepped down at the end of his term in May 2014.

With the legalization of medical marijuana in California came opportunities for long-time illegal growers in Humboldt County (where most of the weed in the US is grown) to legitimize their businesses. This may seem like a great option for growers, but in reality it's more complicated than that.

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The Daily Word in Occupations, Constitutionalism and other sundry protests

The Daily Word

It's Occupy Wall Street's one-year anniversary.

(For some additional context, step into the Bureau of Public Secrets.)

Also, Happy Constitution Day!

Banking giants are in the crosshairs of a major money laundering investigation.

U.S. executive branch files trade complaints against China as Romney tries to go on the offensive.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel files a court injunction in an attempt to end teachers' strike.

Americans warned to avoid Lebanon today as anti-U.S. protests spread.

An Albuquerque woman is raising funds to help a vet who lost his guide dog.

Puzzling kidney disease affects farmers worldwide.

Aging nuclear bombs get costly upgrades here in town.

Rebels attack energy infrastructure in Colombia.

Obama's "Pop" drank Seagram's, neat.

South Korea is apparently the "male makeup capital of the world."

Miles Davis, pugilist.

V.21 No.28 | 7/12/2012
“Church bake sale? Again?”

Film Review

Where Do We Go Now?

Middle Eastern farce finds inventive, if unrealistic, solution to religious strife

Somewhere, in the rocky wilds of Lebanon, lies a tiny village so isolated from neighboring communities that the residents can barely keep up on the latest trends. Cell phones don’t exist there. Reception on the village’s sole television set is spotty at best. Newspapers are a luxury item. Why, these folks aren’t even aware that Muslims and Christians are supposed to hate each other to death.