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The Daily Word in Leap Years, wins for Romney and APS lockdown

The Daily Word

Kick out the jams, it's Leap Day!

Catholic priest in Washington D.C. denies lesbian communion at her mother's funeral mass, leaves during eulogy.

Romney manages to win in Michigan and Arizona.

Lockdown at 5 APS schools after student found with gun.

Hilarious 9/11 joke.

Was that the dean from "Community" accepting an Oscar on Sunday?

I'm sorry, but this is just jacked.

McDonald's newest/saddest sandwich is the McBaguette.

The Pirate Bay replaces all torrent links with magnet links, nothing really changes.

Women's health experts discuss birth control.

Kickstarter poised to provide more arts funding than the National Endowment of the Arts.

Was Elvis' manager, Colonel Parker a murderer?

New bat species discovered in Vietnam.

After seeing these official LEGO Avengers sets, I'm still not sure who the villains in the movie are going to be.

Trouble in Bronyville.

Nice collection of unproduced Star Wars merchandise.

Is it even possible to fix The Phantom Menace? (YES!)

"The Wire" wind up toys you'll never see in your happy meal.

Say it with me: umami

Happy Birthday Dennis Farina!!!

V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010

Song Roulette

God-Des is the divine half of hip-hop/pop/soul act God-Des and She. The duo, which dwells in the Big Apple but hails from the Midwest, got its start in the late ’90s and has been a big deal since its cunnilingual track “Lick It” appeared on “The L Word” a few years back. God-Des and She makes a stop in Albuquerque on Saturday as part of Pride Fusion (Hyatt Regency Downtown). Below are some random songs that appeared on God-Des’ iPod.

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The Daily Word 03.11.10: Prom, Greece Strikes, Glass Ceiling Intact

The Daily Word

It's Women's History Month. This study reveals that gender pay inequity still exists less because of women becoming mothers and more due to "masculine or patriarchal corporate culture" and a "lack of mentors."

Massive aftershocks rock Chile during presidential inauguration.

Proposed education guidelines would, for the first time, create national standards for all American students.

Except for maybe in Kansas City, where they're closing down just about half of the district's schools to avoid bankruptcy.

Thousands strike in Greece to protest new austerity measures aimed at avoiding economic collapse.

Study shows women feel too guilty; men should feel guilty about not feeling guilty enough.

The awesome Granny D, who walked across country at 89 in support of campaign finance reform, passed away at the age of 100.

Prom canceled rather than let lesbians attend as a couple.

Former head of Britain's MI5 says Bush, Cheney et al. were inspired by the torture/spying antics in "24."

It's Thora Birch's birthday. Ghost World.