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The Daily Word in Super Bowl commercials, burrito bandits, dino blogs

The Daily Word

Fox Sports' 10 best Super Bowl XLVI commercials.

UNM students have started a website that facilitates Lobo Men's Basketball ticket trade.

Explosion kills husband and two children of missing Utah mother. Autopsies suggest the husband is responsible.

Los Angeles elementary school to close for 2 days for child abuse investigation.

It doesn't get much more intense than the tale of the Albuquerque “burrito bandits.”

Did you miss the Super Bowl Half Time Show's “spontaneous gesture”?

I am sort of in love with the Smithsonian's blog called “Dinosaur Tracking: Where paleontology meets pop culture.”

Australian man crashes his Lamborghini on his way to get hitched.

Now open: The Museum of Broken Relationships.

Just another one of those creepy-face-under-the-cushion-making-you-pee-your-pants-when-you-finally-see-it internet crazes.

The mystery of the blue balls.

10 haunted hotels.

Big thanks to Tom and Carl for sending me some of today's links.

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The Daily Word in Hank Williams Jr. firing, Starbucks wanting your cash, and cell phone radiation warnings

The Daily Word

It’s Election Day! Get out there and vote.

Starbucks is going to be asking for $5 donations to help stimulate the economy.

If you need more ways to lose your hard-earned money, Starbucks also sells coffee-stained t-shirts for $85.

ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.’s “Monday Night Football” theme after he compares Obama and Hitler.

A new law in San Francisco requires cell phone retailers to display radiation warnings.

A bear attacks a couple inside their home.

South Park turns 15, with brand new episodes airing tomorrow.

Watch 100 of the best f-bombs in film.

Lobo men’s basketball tickets are on sale today at The Pit.

Brianna Amat kicks the game-winning field goal the same night she is named homecoming queen.

China threatens a trade war with the U.S. due to a proposed bill that lets China’s currency rise.

You can buy San Francisco’s Albion Castle, complete with tunneled water caverns.

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Hangover Sports Roundup: Lobos open Pit, Pacman destroys Margarito

Lobo Basketball

The more things change, the more they stay the same. A remodeled building and inexperienced underclassmen didn't affect how the Lobos play at home. Instead, an new style of athleticism and power carried New Mexico over Detroit 63-54. Freshman post player Alex Kirk had a break out game with 11 points and 11 rebounds. If Kirk can continues to double figures in points and rebounds, the Lobos will have a legitimate post threat for the first time in years. Hopefully, Lobos coach Steve Alford can fix the bad three-point shooting before their next home game against Arizona State on Tuesday.


Manny Pacquiao may have beaten Antonio Margarito's face into a bloody mess on Saturday night, but it doesn't let Margarito off the hook for the illegal hand wraps he tried to use against Shane Mosley. Margarito was poised to get a major payday no matter the outcome. He may have been the most recognizable opponent for Pacquiao, but that didn't mean his camp had to take the fight. The match was somewhat competitive in the early rounds but toward the later moments, it became clear Maragarito couldn't go on. Now Margarito remains in the hospital and may never fight again.

Don't get me wrong, Pacquiao put on a boxing clinic with rapid combinations and ring generalship. Pacquiao's performance was pretty incredible considering his political career and entertainment interests, but boxing fans have to wonder how many fights 'Pacman' has left. Contender Paul Williams seems like a 'pipe dream' so Manny maybe regulated to fighting opponents who are merely gloried punching bags. It's a shame Pacquiao's skills can't be showcase to the limit because he is truly one of the greatest athletes of this generation.