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The Daily Word in LEGO ISS, world's tiniest man, lost snakes and lizards

The Daily Word

According to an FBI spokeswoman, 5 students were injured when a classmate opened fire at an Ohio high school.

New Mexico National Guardsman Anthony Baldonado faces murder charges after a shooting over the weekend.

Mayor Berry works on plans to revamp Route 66.

The Bracket Big Board says that despite last week's losses, the Lobos are still a huge threat in the NCAA tournament.

Japanese astronaut built tiny LEGO space station while inside of the real space station.

And the Oscars go to...

Ever wondered what's actually written inside those Oscar envelopes?

Napolese man pronounced shortest in human history.

Pediatricians now recommend HPV vaccine for pre-teen boys.

WikiLeaks has published 5 million new super-secret e-mails.

Slow-motion basset hound.

I lose stuff all the time, but I've never lost $49K worth of exotic, venomous creatures.

I mishear things all the time, but I've never mistaken “Mom on board” for “bomb on board.”

Is that a 19-inch TV in your pants, or are you just excited to see me? Minnesota man caught with stolen 19-inch TV in his pants.

Kids reenact of the Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Pop culture icons.

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The Daily Word in everyone's a Lobo, roaming emu, Chaplin was french?

Happy President's Day

The Daily Word

Today marks the bittersweet 50th anniversary of American space flight.

Drew Gordon goes 27 and 20 and leads the Lobos to a 65-45 win over UNLV this weekend. That was hands down the craziest game I've ever been to.

Albuquerque firefighter loses home in ... a fire.

First known person to row across the Atlantic Ocean passes away.

Santa Fe couple gets to foster an emu found roaming around in their neighborhood.

February in Yosemite is lava waterfall time.

UK man sentenced for urinating on a transformer (no, not a robot in disguise) and igniting a blast that knocked out power to 2,000 homes.

Physicists have created a transistor from a single phosphorous atom.

Dutch scientists make steps to produce first lab-grown hamburger.

Was Charlie Chaplin secretly a Frenchman? Was his name really Israel Thornstein?

Authorities find baggie filled with pot stuffed inside a peanut butter jar inside of a man's carry on.

Some artistic photos from the Westminster Dog Show.

Tattoo artist comes up with permanent solution for balding men.

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