loch ness monster

V.19 No.28 | 7/15/2010


Life on the Loch

The lonely hunt for truth and monsters

Steve Feltham’s eyes and smile grow wide when the subject of the Loch Ness monsters comes up. “I think they’re out there, certainly,” he says, though he adds with a hint of sadness that it may not be true for much longer. He estimates there are probably a half-dozen creatures left in the lake (down from dozens in earlier eras) and will be fewer each passing year: “Sightings have declined. They’re gradually dropping off of old age, I think.”

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V.19 No.2 | 1/14/2010


The Daily Word 1.11.10: Loch Ness, Avatar Shooting and a Wolf in Edgewood.

The Daily Word

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 123,456,789,876,543,210

Many fear the Loch Ness Monster is dead.

US drone spy planes filmed 24 years' worth of footage in 2009.

A Florida tropical fish farmer lost 100,000 fish in the cold snap.

The Cardinals beat the Packers 51 to 45.

The pyramids weren't built by slaves, some experts think now.

Some Chinese manufactured trinkets are made from deadly cadmium. American trinkets are made from love.

Avatar tops the box office for the fourth straight week.

Scientists discover the world's oldest fin-prints.

Never speak to people you know in your dreams. They are demons.

A woman was shot in the ankle during a showing of Avatar at the Century Rio. It happened during the shooting part. The shooting part.

There’s a wolf in Edgewood.

An Albuquerque man threw his girlfriend from a moving car.

The sad tale of one Walmart purse snatcher.

It's Lee Ritenour's birthday. He played guitar on most of the songs you like from 30 years ago. Here he is playing the song named for his nick-name, " Captain Fingers."