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The Daily Word in Flight 370, Flight 370 and more Flight 370

The Daily Word

Rio Rancho High School newspaper offends "white girls".

New Mexico town of Bloomfield being sued over Ten Commandments monument.

Workers are preparing to go into the WIPP site and they are being very careful.

Colorado pulled down 2 million dollars in tax revenue from weed sales in January. Missouri likes the sound of that.

It's official: "Frozen" is gay.

Some alternative explanations for the disappearance of Flight 370.

Flight 370 may have changed course and remained in flight for an hour after "disappearing".

The two mystery men aboard Flight 370 were Iranian asylum seekers.

Fracking in Ohio caused a couple earthquakes.

Current Jeopardy! prodigy Arthur Chu has an unusual strategy that is pissing people off.

1969 TV show seems like a precursor to Lost. The pilot was written by Rod Serling.

Ballsy (and possibly hilarious) criminal defense attorney commercial.

President Obama was on Between Two Ferns.

Garfield without the thought bubbles.

Photo-bombing ass cracks at a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Meat across America.

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The Daily Word: Democratic Win In NY, 4chan Is For Night Owls, Congressional Decorum Breakdown

The Daily Word

A Democrat wins special congressional election in New York, seen as referendum on Medicare reform.

Decorum breakdown at House hearing.

Santa Fe's only hospital caught dumping illegal medical waste.

Does eating local matter at all?

Crazy video from latest Oklahoma tornado.

High speed chase on the west side.

Top 10 business emails you should never send.

Ridiculous tips for a miserable sex life.

Woman sues airline over her unborn baby's food poisoning.

Coffee price hikes outpaces gas prices.

New research suggests that 4chan users are mostly 9-5ers.

Man attacks woman with a pool noodle over a rotting watermelon shaped like a human head.

Already with the top 10 new species of 2011?

How about one more article on Lost?

Winners of the Best Optical Illusion of the Year contest.

Which state is the sweariest?

Pizza! + Lasagna! = Pizzagna!!

Why don't you have a man like this in your life?

Edwards James Olmos joins the cast of Showtime's Dexter.

VH1 is bringing back Pop Up Video!

Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli talks about her battles with the Westboro Baptist Church.

For guitar nerds only: interview with Eddie Van Halen.

Happy Birthday Brian Urlacher!!!

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The Daily Word 05.25.10: Almost Deported, Zombie Jerky, Bros Icing Bros

The Daily Word

One-third of APS students are overweight.

Oops! Puerto Rican-born man is almost deported to Mexico.

When is Saddam's gay sex-tape being released?

President Obama is sending Nation Guard troops to the US/Mexico border.

You should probably cancel your trip to Jamaica.

Ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick faces five years in prison.

Sixteen things they only sell at Walmarts in China.

Now you can buy the Amityville Horror house.

Chick-fil-A is introducing its first new sandwich in almost 20 years, but you need to make a reservation to get one.

Freaky! Over the last 10 years every person who has had this phone number has died. Movie coming soon.

Teachers in Florida are in trouble for splashing holy water on an atheist.

This fake BP twitter account has more followers than the real one.

Here are some sweet images of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.

Handy guide shows how to look like you're working when your boss is away.

Are you ready for Zombie Beef Jerky?

And now: Bros Icing Bros. Thank you Internet!

Ironic! A new study suggest sunscreen is accelerating cancer development.

There's a reality-TV power list???

The nine worst restaurant meals you can eat are …

I wonder what the cast of Doogie Howser, M.D. is up to.

At least we can agree on this: 107 commercials aired during the Lost finale was kind of too many. And not to get anyone upset or anything, but here's a video of all the show's unanswered questions.

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“Lost” Ending: Winner or Loser?

The Interwebz are ablaze today with chatter about last night’s “Lost” series finale. A lot of people are anti, a sizable minority are pro. Me? ... I’ve come to terms with it. I got six—well, five and a half, let’s say—highly enjoyable seasons out of the show, have a ton of indelible TV memories and got to watch the cast ride off into the sunset (kinda literally). None of that is diminished by a finale that failed to provide concrete answers to mysteries I knew wouldn’t be solved anyway. Though “The End” didn’t provide the monumental, soul-cleansing sense of closure I was wishing for, it didn’t diminish or alter anything that came before it. Of all the after-show buzz I’ve waded through, Noel Murray’s exhaustive analysis in The Onion’s AV Club is certainly the most well-thought-out. Give it a read here and see what you think.

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V.19 No.16 | 4/22/2010
My husband won’t let me own this.


This Blog Is Cool; or, Since the Internet Is Super-Literal--Read This Because It Talks About Hurley From “Lost”

This morning, I was pleased to stumble across Jorge Garcia’s blog (via Jezebel). Jorge Garcia plays Hugo/Hurley on “Lost,” so if you don’t watch the show, you may not care. Which, I just, I mean ... not watch “Lost”? What the hell?

If you started watching it but fell behind and are waiting until it’s over so you can watch it all on DVD, you’re excused. That’s fine; people have shit to do. If you’ve never, ever seen it, well then, you either have terrible taste or are a hippie so let’s just accept that we’ll never have a real relationship anyway. Not owning a TV is not an excuse. It’s 2010. iTunes that to your computer. No computer? Go to the library with a pair of headphones and have at it. Find a way, lazy ass.

But the group I really have a problem with are those who say, “Yeah, like I totally watched it but then it got really confusing. Like, a lot of people were saying things and sometimes in different places, so, I like was all, ohmygod I’m really confused. What time is “The Hills” on?” (I don’t know what “The Hills” is but Devin has talked about it in a way that indicates that it’s stupid. I wouldn’t know because I spend my time watching awesome things.)

I have no time for this group. You make bad TV and politics happen. Goodbye.

Everyone else, though, should check out this blog. Jorge seems super funny, nice and self-depricating. Here he is talking about the perfect way to eat a cupcake.

He bakes bread!

And my favorite so far (I just started): Dharma Bears invade his home.

He and a friend also have a new “Lost” podcast called Geronimo Jack’s Beard (hilarious). I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m at work and the computer is so finicky, if I ask it to do two things at once it takes a hit out on a close friend. I lost half my softball team before I figured out the connection.

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The Daily Word 02.18.10: Snowboarding, School Suspensions, Yoko Ono

The Daily Word

Snowboarder Shaun White wins second gold in halfpipe. Even if you think snowboarders should pull up their pants, his rendition of new jump, the Whitesnake, was pretty amazing.

Speaking of Olympics pants, check out the Norwegian curling team's trousers.

As of this morning, state legislature has not agreed to a budget; New Mexico will be run on the coupon system.

Avalanche buries Pakistani village.

Schools toying with idea of allowing students to graduate two years early.

With health insurance companies wanting to raise rates by percentages in the double digits (not to mention their record profits), Obama administration raises the Not Cool flag.

A 12-year-old girl is arrested in New York City for doodling on her desk about how much she loves her friends.

Another kid got detention for being a Michael Scott fan.

A Rio Rancho teen suspended for getting jumped. Jesus, schools.

Childbirth can lead to PTSD.

Watch "Lost"? You should. Here's a montage of the best beatings of Ben Linus.

It's Yoko Ono's birthday!