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V.25 No.11 | 3/17/2016
Air Hostess poster

Reel World

Dream Theater

Jeff Berg talks made in New Mexico films, Movies and Meaning gets spiritual.
V.23 No.20 | 5/15/2014
Mary Pickford in D.W. Griffith’s A Pueblo Legend

“Made” man

Dennis Hopper gets his day, Man of Steel screens and Friends of Film stream together.
V.22 No.26 | 6/27/2013
Reel World

Cinema Cinco

From Latin American cinema to American Girl dolls, Reel World has you covered on film events across the 505.
V.21 No.6 | 2/9/2012
Reel World

N.M. Film Event

After a successful screening at the state Legislature’s New Mexico Film and Media Day, Brent Morris and David Jean Schweitzer’s Made in New Mexico will be shown at Albuquerque’s KiMo Theatre on Thursday, Feb. 9. The documentary explores the burgeoning film industry in New Mexico and the impact our state’s various tax incentives have had on the business of making movies. In addition to the documentary, there will be several shorts by New Mexico filmmakers. This includes the premiere of Governor’s Cup-winning Director Ramona Emerson’s “Opal,” about an 8-year-old Navajo girl taking on a town bully. A Q & A with filmmakers follows the screenings, which get underway at 7 p.m.

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V.21 No.4 | 1/26/2012
Reel World

Funny Films

Friends of Film, Video and Arts—the organizers of the fourth annual Laugh Out Loud Friends of Film Funny Film Festival—are looking for laughable local submissions. All works must be 15 minutes or less in length and postmarked by Monday, Jan. 30. It’s only $15 to enter the film of your choice. Winning submissions will be included in not one, but two film festivals: The LOLFFFFF (at Albuquerque’s Guild Cinema on March 31) and the Nickel Independent Film Festival in Canada (in June 2013). Cash prizes and other awards are up for grabs.

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V.21 No.3 | 1/19/2012


KiMo Theatre Launches NM Film History Lesson

The year 2012 marks the centennial anniversary of New Mexico’s statehood. The KiMo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque is joining in on the fun by hosting a year-long celebration of made-in-New-Mexico films. The monthly film series kicks off tonight, January 18, at 7 p.m. with a screening of Dennis Hopper’s 1969 counter-culture biker classic Easy Rider. Admission is free. Find out more, including a list of future films in the series, right here.

V.19 No.46 | 11/18/2010


Local Makers

Have crafty Christmas and a handmade Hanukkah—all of these presents are made right here in New Mexico

Cigar Box Guitar Kit

Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd signed one of Paul Bush's locally made instruments. Bush boasts that his kits sound far better than his competitors because of the materials he uses: red oak hardwood necks, steel nuts and bridges that will last for decades, he says. Kits start at $99.99 for a three-string. Or just strum away on a ready-made guitar for between $300 and $500. His shop, Uptown Gifts (2675 Louisiana NE), also carries other sundries, such as harmonica mics and amp pickups.

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Some of our favorite ABQ vendors on cottage-industry supersite


These animal-like dolls have loads of personality. They're fashioned out of soft knitted fabrics and too-cute buttons. Non-allergenic fiberfill means your baby can snuggle one to her heart's content.

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A Read on the Holidays

You know you have a relative who spends most of his or her days reading inside a well-lit room. Here’s your chance to New Mexify that loved one’s Christmas or cheer up a friend who moved away. (Or make them even more homesick. Either way.)

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Gifts with class(es)

Give a girl a tea cozy and her tea will be ... cozy? Teach her to make a tea cozy and all of her friends and family members will have them, too—whether they need them or not. This year, consider giving someone you love the gift of knowledge—or, if you're a fast learner, craft your own presents. Below are a handful of businesses and organizations with a specialty in instruction.

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Stop, Shop and Stroll

Arts and crafts festivals in your ’hood

No middleman here—arts fairs mean a direct line from you (the eager shopper) to the local artisan (the happy-to-help entrepreneur). These holiday events bring hundreds of options together under one roof—or tent—and offer New Mexican-made presents with gas-saving convenience. You won’t find this stuff at Kmart.

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Film Gifts

For friends who like to watch

Albuquerque has no shortage of homegrown, hardscrabble filmmakers. Not only would you please the film-lovers in your life by stuffing their stockings with a made-in-New-Mexico DVD, but you'd make the Christmas of a poor, starving auteur just trying to scrape enough money together to shoot another feature.

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