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The Daily Word 4.24.11: Deepwater anniversary; Don Cherry Jacket-Watch; McDonald's beat-down update; barking is free speech

The Daily Word

The guy who engineered the Compact Disc died. Now if we could find the guy who invented jewel cases, everything would be right with the world.

Ancient Santa Fe.

You know you want to buy Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Unregistered Christians in China get arrested.

Graffiti bunnies.

Listen to Johnny Dollar, radio serial. All 196 episodes!

Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry. JACKET-WATCH. This is probably the best link in this blog.

McDonald's beat-down victim speaks out. With South Baltimore accent. Possible hate crime.

Partial guest list for the Royal Wedding. Impressive sounding names.

Man arrested for barking at police dog now arguing it was free speech.

Bradley Manning is being shipped to Fort Leavenworth. Manning hasn't been tried yet, but Obama says "he broke the law."

Explosive-proof underwear.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump doesn't vote.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank in the Gulf of Mexico one year ago.

Tasteless Neil Hamburger God jokes.

Traffic stops/searches based on police detecting an odour of marijuana declared unconstitutional by Massachusetts Supreme Court.

Man shot in head by potato gun. Early in the morning, in the woods.

READ THIS: Alfred Kahn's bureaucratese memo.

Awesomely bizarre "facial flex" infomercial.

Goofy Hank Crawford version of Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove it."

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Hangover Sports Roundup: Lobos lose heartbreaker, NFL Wildcard,

Lobo Basketball

Road games continue to be the Lobos' kryptonite. The Wyoming Cowboys aren't known for dominating the conference but it doesn't mean the Lobos could overlook them. UNM senior point guard Dairese Gary was the only player in double figures scoring 24 points and adding six assists. Gary gave the Lobos the lead by hitting two free throws in the final seconds. The Cowboys had to final possession and eventually finished off New Mexico with a fade away floater by Wyoming's Francisco Cruz. If the Lobos want an invitation to the big dance in March, Phillip McDonald, Kendall Williams and Drew Gordon need to step up. Despite losing three out of their last five games, the Lobos have a two game home stand against Colorado State and #6 San Diego State. If New Mexico can sweep both games, it can be a major momentum boost for the rest of the season.


Four teams went into the weekend with Super Bowl Dreams, only two survived. No one gave the Seattle Seahawks any shot of beating the defending champs, New Orleans Saints. Despite having the home field advantage, the Saints were an 11 point favorite. Instead of a one-sided beating, the game turned into a back and forth battle. Seattle's Marshawn Lynch touchdown run in the forth quarter destroyed the Saints defense and sealed the victory for Seahawks. The Seahawks 41-36 victory became one of the biggest playoff upsets in the history of the NFL.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan seemed determined to ruin Peyton Manning's playoff legacy. Ryan wanted revenge for the Colts beating the Jets in last years AFC championship game but the only way he could get it was to trust his quarterback Mark Sanchez. After Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri gave Indianapolis the lead, the game rested on Sanchez's ability to be clutch in crunch time. Antonio Cromartie kickoff return took some pressure off of Sanchez and enabled him to throw a 18-yard pass to Braylon Edwards. Jets kicker Nick Folk nailed a chip shot and gave Ryan his much need victory over Peyton Manning. Now the Jets look for payback against their hated rival, the New England Patriots.

In Sunday's games, the Baltimore Ravens defense forced five turnovers and dominated the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-7. With Joe Flacco two touchdowns passes, the Ravens have a steady offense to compliment their hard hitting defense. Later that day the Eagles tried to overcome a Packers defense who injured the Eagles original starting QB, Kevin Kolb. The Eagles seemed destined for the comeback victory in the 4th quarter. Instead ,Vick threw a interception, crushing their playoff hopes. Vick may have thrown the game ending interception but he doesn't deserve all of the blame. Hopefully the Eagles can improve their offensive line to protect Vick. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers will try to add to his frist playoff victory when the Packers face the Atlanta Falcons.