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V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
Sword of Trust

Film Review

The Sword of Trust

Tiny indie comedy keeps mumblecore alive

The Sword of Trust is quirky and amusing and has just a tiny bit to say about human beings learning to trust one another. Viewers longing for the loose, improvisational indie films of the early 2000s will feel right at home.
V.25 No.35 | 09/01/2016

Weekend in Review

Baking, Celebrating, Crafting

This weekend took a startlingly domestic turn. Even I was caught off guard.
V.25 No.35 | 9/1/2016
Marc Maron
courtesy of Marc Maron

Culture Shock

Marc Maron's Homecoming

Albuquerque native talks WTF, recovery and growing up in the city

Albuquerque native talks WTF, recovery and growing up in the city.
V.23 No.21 | 5/22/2014
“Oh fuck it’s all coming back to me.”
Larry Hirshowitz

Arts Feature

An Anxious Absurdity

Marc Maron on WTF is up with comedy

Albuquerque made Marc Maron. The cantankerous meta-jokester and cat aficionado talks comedy, influence and unhappiness in his Alibi interview.
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V.19 No.51 | 12/23/2010
Marc Maron recording
courtesy of Marc Maron


Who Is Marc Maron?

Comic returns to his hometown for one stand-up night

Marc Maron isn’t famous, but he should be. The stand-up comedian and ex-Albuquerquean has appeared on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” three-dozen times and “The Late Show With David Letterman” four times, and he’s had two of his own half-hour specials on Comedy Central. He was one of the voices behind the now-defunct “Morning Sedition” radio show on Air America. Plus, he was the irate promoter in Almost Famous (an appropriate title for Maron) who orders his minions to “Lock the gates!” on the protagonists’ hurtling tour bus.

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