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V.25 No.1 | 01/07/2016

The Daily Word in innovative helmets, an escaped prisoner, and the State of the Union Address

The Daily Word

Finally, a way to stop sports from killing people.

Albuquerque man shoots dog in a disturbing and unpleasant incident.

APS under scrutiny for continued lack of background checks on their employees.

Man escapes from Oklahoma prison and heads to the Land of Enchantment.

The future of mass transit, hopefully.

Obama does some serious vague-posting at the State of the Union Address.

V.23 No.12 | 3/20/2014


The Daily Word in mudslides, derailments and Gwar.

The Daily Word

A Washington mudslide has claimed at least eight fatalities.

An O’Hare Airport train derailment has injured at least 32 people.

Rest in peace, James Rebhorn.

Rest in peace, Oderus Urungus.

Japanese manhole covers are cool.

Do you want to build a snowman?

There was a police shooting in Los Lunas.

A man was rescued from Rio Grande quicksand.

Check out Albuquerque’s future buses.

Happy birthday, Harry Houdini.

V.18 No.31 |

Local Blogosphere Roundup: Mass transit, the internet, new mexican food chain, renewable energy

Could it be that El Paso's transit plans are superior to Albuquerque's?

The U.S. broadband infrastructure sucks, and, of course, of the states, New Mexico is doing more sucking than others.

Garduno's at risk of closure, one blogger encourages readers to support the local chain and their New Mexican fare.

Meanwhile, one person and their sweet tooth encourage a trip to Ecco Gelato.

Eye on Albuquerque turns it's eye to D.C., the Cash for Clunkers program and borrowing money to help people borrow money.

Those bastards at the utilities want to monopolize renewable energy too. They'd charge for sunshine and oxygen if they only could.