V.25 No.1 | 1/7/2016

Restaurant Review

Not a Party Yet

Matanza has bountiful beers but issues with spices and prices

The rainbow of tap handles represent over a hundred beers from a seriously expansive lineup and the ideas behind the entrées are innovative, but can plated reality measure up?
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The Daily Word in cannabis, sex and Allen Ginsberg on psychedelic drugs

The Daily Word

Scope our Cannabis Issue to spark up knowledge on New Mexico's medical marijuana policy landscape, an unlikely New Mexican MMJ patient and a recreational marijuana vacation in Pagosa Springs.

Our fourth issue of 2015 also proffers:

• The Weekly Alibi pop quiz, Crib Notes

• A review of Michael Mann's high-tech cyber-thriller Blackhat

Show Up! On Beholding and Belonging: Five gigs prove there's no place like home

• An arts feature examining Amazon's battle for publishing dominance, Storytime is Over: How Amazon is out-Goliathing the publishing industry

• A review of Kokoro Japanese Restaurant, Back from the Heart of Japan

• And much, much more! Including micro reviews of new releases by California X, Marilyn Manson and The Decemberists; Odds & Ends; venues that offer drinks while making art in Sip, Paint, Repeat; A Drinkable Feast honoring J.D. Salinger; and so on.

And don't forget to fill out our fast, easy and 100 percent anonymous Third Annual Sex Survey to inform our coverage of Albuquerque's circa 2015 lovescape.

The mutilated corpses of four dogs were discovered at the Conejo Waste Transfer Station. Animal Protection of New Mexico is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer(s).

Will you be at the 15th annual world's largest matanza this weekend?

The president of Yemen and his cabinet have resigned amid chaos.

Does the U.S. military keep body counts?

Read a lost letter about psychedelic drugs from Allen Ginsberg to the readers of the Paris Review.

V.20 No.19 | 5/12/2011

Alibi Picks

San Ysidro Day

You won't find another place in the country more steeped in Catholic customs and centuries-old traditions than New Mexico, so it comes as no surprise that a day dedicated to the patron saint of farmers is still observed, even against the backdrop of modern industry. Today starting at 10 a.m., San Ysidro Day begins as a procession at the San Ysidro Carousel (Isleta and Arenal SW). Follow musicians, dancers and religious leaders to Sanchez Farm (Arenal and Lopez SW) for a blessing of the acequias and farms. Following the events, attend a matanza with proceeds benefitting the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias. Parking is available at St. Anne's Church (1400 Arenal SW). For more, email or call 842-7343. (Adam Fox)