Mayoral Race

mayoral race

V.22 No.40 | 10/3/2013


Readers talk back about election coverage, mayoral endorsements and Abq’s good and bad.
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The Daily Word in book banning, disenfranchised Republicans and gun deaths

The Daily Word

A new election rule looks like it will make it harder for Republicans to become Mayor of Albuquerque, even when Dems split the vote.

And Republicans in Rio Rancho are also feeling disenfranchised.

That whole minimum wage law thing? We're still talking about it. Now the servers have their say.

New Mexico legislators are fighting about whether or not they should be allowed to ban books, especially ones about brown people.

2,635 people have died via gun violence since the Newtown massacre. At least.

Who doesn't love trolling celebrities on Twitter? Watch out, though, because sometimes Internet tough guys meet the real deal.

This just in: Kids everywhere love toys.

Pope? Nope.

Update: Smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel signifying that a new pope has been chosen.

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Who—Really—Can Run for Mayor?

Beep. "Hi, this is Rick with the Republican Party reminding you that tomorrow is Election Day."

That's the robo-message we heard last night around 8 p.m.

Why is the Republican Party calling folks and reminding them to vote? I thought this was a nonpartisan election. It is—but it isn't, right? Remember that the state's Republican Party donated plenty of volunteers to aid conservative candidate R.J. Berry's effort.

Public financing was supposed to level the playing field. Anyone who could collect 3,280 petition signatures and the same number of $5 contributions over the course of a few weeks would be looking at about $300,000 for his or her war chest.

Except no one could snag public financing without an army of supporters before the race even got going. In fact, City Councilors Michael Cadigan and Debbie O'Malley couldn't make their publicly financed mayoral aspirations come true, and they already know how to campaign. They've got political friends, name recognition and supporters. Just not enough.

So incumbent Mayor Martin Chavez (who has an army), longtime legislator and lobbyist Richard Romero (who had no problem assembling his army) and Republican Party-backed Berry managed to get it done.

Public financing or no, you've got to be a political heavy in this town to have a shot at the Mayor's Office. That playing field still looks like a steep slope to me.

V.18 No.40 | 10/1/2009

Online Election Guide

Online Election Guide

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Donna Rowe

City Boss Fight 2009

The Hail Mary Pass

Citizens without backing or big money run for political office

At the start of election season, it seemed like Mayor Martin Chavez had it on lockdown. Albuquerque lazily climbs into the sack with an incumbent, goes the thinking. Most people will check the box next to that old familiar name. But a 406-person poll released Sunday, Sept. 27, shows conservative Rep. R.J. Berry in the lead with 31 percent, followed by Chavez at 26 percent and Richard Romero at 24 percent. The survey was conducted by Brian Sanderoff’s Research & Polling, Inc. for the Albuquerque Journal. The next mayor has to snag 40 percent of the vote or we'll be facing a runoff. Which leaves us with the question: Could the Tuesday, Oct. 6 election really be anyone's race?

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Clearly New Mexico

Local Blogosphere Roundup 09.27.09: Public structures, mayoral race, buy local

Bike valet service offered at balloon fiesta, and ground broken at the Sandia Pueblo Rail Runner station—that from Abqdwell.

Clearly New Mexico asks rhetorically, "Do we take our public structures for granted? " And, "What ... if the publicly-funded structures in the picture disappeared?" Well we wouldn't have our brown and blue city, now would we?

Which of these things is not like the other? Cocoposts reflects on the mayoral race.

Speaking of which, the race seems to be tightening with Berry leading in a Journal poll.

Readers are encouraged to buy local on UrbanABQ.

John Coltrane: The cure for a bad day on Burque Babble.

Dre Day's blast from the past: a list of favorite '80s movies and an unfortunate hairdo.

V.18 No.37 | 9/10/2009
"It's amazing how much more we could do if we didn't care who got the credit."—Richard Romero

City Boss Fight 2009

A Challenge from the Left

An interview with mayoral contender Richard Romero

Like politicians everywhere, Richard Romero’s message is change.

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The Daily Word 09.09.09: mayoral race, gubernatorial race, Rail Runner, lucky 999 day

The Daily Word

Don’t be alarmed, that’s just Sandia National Labs blowing things up.

The three mayoral candidates believe in honesty. Well that’s nice.

Allen Weh enters the gubernatorial race.

Rail Runner broke rider records over Labor Day, will leave Santa Fe tomorrow until 11 p.m. (for Zozobra).

It’s lucky 999 day in China.

A preview of Obama’s forthcoming address to congress.

A review of today’s memorial service for Walter Cronkite.

The U.S. Mint to release national parks quarters.

Photos from the giant Pacific Ocean trash vortex.

Amazing new images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Album of the day: Clear or Cloudy by György Ligeti.

Weather: Highs in the mid ‘80s and with thunderstorms possible through Sunday.

V.18 No.35 | 8/27/2009
“After 12 years of our current mayor, the creativity and the innovation have waned significantly. Political machines end up developing, whether that's intentional or not.” —Rep. R.J. Berry

City Boss Fight 2009

The Candidate on the Right

An interview with mayoral contender Rep. R.J. Berry

It's the job of the challenger to stomp out of the saloon, guns blazing for the incumbent. That's the way this mayoral race has gone. State Rep. R.J. Berry and Richard Romero attack, and Mayor Martin Chavez deflects (though he's certainly squeezed the trigger a few times himself).

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The Daily Word 08.26.09: Mayor Chavez, Ted Kennedy, Torture, Town Hall

The Daily Word

Mayor Chavez schooled opponents at last night’s arts forum.

Ted Kennedy died. He was 77.

Recently released torture documents are sick and sad.

Dude got his 22nd DWI on Monday.

New Mexico wants you to get a flu shot.

Young blue-footed booby (a bird from the Galapagos Islands) appears at Conchas Lake.

Richardson wants to export New Mexican food to Cuba. Hey Cuba, it’s chile, not chili, OK?

Auto dealers say Cash for Clunkers was successful.

Jim Moran and Howard Dean spoke, or tried to, at an out-of-hand health care town hall last night in Virginia.

Los Angeles is burning, sort of.

Smith’s Food and Drug exercises environmentalism.

Chris Brown got five years of probation, six months community labor, still has awesome dance moves.

Sookie and Bill are gettin’ hitched.

Weather: Temps still in the mid ‘80s, renegade showers possible. (It’s freakin’ nice out this week!)

Confirmation pending. McCheese may show if we can provide backstage a single plum floating in perfume in a man’s top hat.


Do it. Debate Me.

The mayoral debate is on! Just got word this morning.

We’re teaming up with the New Mexico Independent, KNME and KUNM to bring you Martin Chavez, R.J. Berry and Richard Romero live.

And it’s free!

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 7 p.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Be there.

V.18 No.33 | 8/13/2009

Web Feature

Extras from the Chavez Interview

We spent more than an hour with Mayor Martin Chavez, but we didn’t have room to print everything we talked about in the paper. (See the original article here.)

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Who will rule “the glory town of Nature’s spectacular southwest?” Only you can decide!


Meet the Next Mayor: Candidate’s Forum Thursday

Pretty soon you’ll have to pick one of them to be the big man on campus, so here’s your second chance thus far to see them all in the same room. (Hopefully they will be lined up by height so it’ll be easier to tell them apart.)

What: The North Valley Coalition’s Mayoral Candidate Forum

Who: Mayoral candidates R.J. Berry, Martin Chavez, and Richard Romero (politico-blogger Joe Monahan moderates)

When: Thursday, August 13, 2009 (7:00 to 8:30 p.m.)

Where: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (2401 12th Street NW)

The candidates will discuss “visions for Albuquerque and issues facing the North Valley” among other things. Audience members get to suggest questions. I’ve already got mine ready: “Boxers or briefs?”