V.24 No.40 | 10/1/2015


The Daily Word in pickles, Boehners and the Pope

The Daily Word

Trans woman harassed by dumb idiots that work for the TSA.

Did the Holy Spirit move House Speaker John Boehner to change his party from “Asshole” to “Philanthropist”? Only time will tell.

Pope Francis heals all.

Tasha The Amazon must be an angel (or an alien) because her flow is heavenly.

New students at UNM inspire an overhaul of the local education system.

I encourage you to be a professional, take your job seriously (especially on a Friday!) and look at these otters.


Don't fuck with pickles, man.

Critical thinking is difficult for government officials, but I believe they can do it one day.

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The Daily Word in crazies, punk rock and bone broth

The Daily Word

Metals executive posits that one-quarter of physical gold market is populated by "crazies."

The Albuquerque Environmental Health Department issued a statement in response to an online rumor about cat meat at a local McDonald's restaurant. (And I weep for the future.)

The New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill to hold back third-graders with reading deficiencies.

Weekly Alibi's Crib Notes and Cribtoons: Your interactive weekly pop quiz and animated recap with built-in cartoon-based reward system since 1992.

August March interviewed OG punk rocker Gordy Andersen (Black Maria, Jerry's Kidz) about his formative ABQ experiences and influences.

Devin D. O'Leary gave a favorable review to Alzheimer's-centric drama Still Alice. And apparently Julianne Moore's hair color is referred to as "ronze."

Is bone broth as cool as it sounds? Ari Levaux reports.

V.22 No.13 | 3/28/2013
I’m an old school list-maker.


Movin’ Ain’t Easy

The art of moving … no, I'm not talking about rhythmic gymnastics or complicated yoga poses, I mean the actual art of switching residences and claiming a new territory as your personal sanctuary. Since, I'm in a perpetual moving limbo (waiting for a roommate to decide whether or not she's leaving the big, bad Burque), I've been searching Craigslist and various classifieds in search of a new home, a fresh start so to speak.

Since I'm [still] relatively new to the city, I'm not entirely knowledgeable about the various zip codes, what they entail, the good neighborhoods, the bad neighborhoods, the apartments that are low rent v. apartments that are close to a McDonalds. But, I've found that the actual practice of visiting complexes, searching the interweb, and conversing with various consultants is an adventure in and of itself.

For instance, I spoke to one consultant via phone. I couldn't really understand his name through the static, but it sounded something like Naim (I hope that's correct). Extremely excited and chipper on the phone, Naim said he had a great apartment that had been renovated, and the monthly rate was a whopping $450 (all bills included). Since this was in my price range, I jumped at the opportunity, and asked for the address. He informed me that the apartment was on Towner and Juan Tabo. Since I currently live near there, I assumed that the neighborhood would be somewhat nice, and the location seems central enough (in that there are a lot of businesses and stores in that area).

But, as I turned down Towner, what I envisioned as a picturesque resort-like complex of townhouses and pools was quickly overshadowed by streets with pot-holes, some dudes with jeans around their knees giving me the what-you-want stare, and buildings that didn't seem quite renovated. Now, I grew up in what some refer to as “the hood,” and though I rarely get skittish driving through neighborhoods that are considered treacherous for high crime rates (again, I just moved here, so I'm not making any assumptions), this didn't seem like it was for me. So, I kindly turned my car around after throwing the dudes a peace sign, and drove off. I called Naim and informed him that it wasn't for me, and slightly saddened, he just said, “Okay, thank you for calling. Let me know if you're looking for anything in the future.”

Aside from that, I've visited complexes that are within my price range, where the leasing consultants describe a complex as familial, yet tiresome (whatever that means). And I've gone to some that are out of my price range where the consultants said, “We like to keep it quiet around here.” So, no loud music? I'm sorry … next!

So, obviously, the art of moving to a new apartment is a bit like soul searching. You'll hit a few embarrassing moments (like when I jumped a curb next to the leasing office of Wyoming Place in front of the maintenance man), moments of realization (where I realized that a living room might actually be a nice amenity rather than a studio apartment the size of my roommate's closet), moments of clarity (ie. When I came to the conclusion that maybe I'm looking too soon, and should just be comfortable in my current situation). But that's too easy. And so, the search continues …

V.21 No.23 | 6/7/2012


Instant McDonalds in Japan (Just Add Water)

Japan, as a nation, is filled with people doing incredibly brilliant and incomprehensively weird things. There may be no clearer proof of that than this video in which someone goes through the unbelievably labor intensive process of creating Japan’s hottest new snack food: a powdered McDonalds Happy Meal. This thing is as fascinating as it is repulsive. I’m craving one right now.

V.21 No.8 |


The Daily Word in Leap Years, wins for Romney and APS lockdown

The Daily Word

Kick out the jams, it's Leap Day!

Catholic priest in Washington D.C. denies lesbian communion at her mother's funeral mass, leaves during eulogy.

Romney manages to win in Michigan and Arizona.

Lockdown at 5 APS schools after student found with gun.

Hilarious 9/11 joke.

Was that the dean from "Community" accepting an Oscar on Sunday?

I'm sorry, but this is just jacked.

McDonald's newest/saddest sandwich is the McBaguette.

The Pirate Bay replaces all torrent links with magnet links, nothing really changes.

Women's health experts discuss birth control.

Kickstarter poised to provide more arts funding than the National Endowment of the Arts.

Was Elvis' manager, Colonel Parker a murderer?

New bat species discovered in Vietnam.

After seeing these official LEGO Avengers sets, I'm still not sure who the villains in the movie are going to be.

Trouble in Bronyville.

Nice collection of unproduced Star Wars merchandise.

Is it even possible to fix The Phantom Menace? (YES!)

"The Wire" wind up toys you'll never see in your happy meal.

Say it with me: umami

Happy Birthday Dennis Farina!!!

V.21 No.6 |


The Daily Word in personhood amendments, cattle mutilations and a 99 Problems supercut

The Daily Word

Thai police detain an Iranian national in connection to Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Why Rick Santorum will be Mitt Romney's toughest opponent.

Pakistani general accuses ex-president Pervez Musharraf of harboring Osama bin Laden.

Almost a deal on the payroll-tax cut.

Creepy personhood-amendment making its way through the Virginia house.

Meth Boss arrested in Mexico.

How did a White House staffer loose a finger?

Wild dogs blamed for cattle mutilations in Valencia County.

Ponytails explained, with science!

Even though the book The Wizard of Oz is in the public domain, Warner Bros. are trying to trademark the hell out of it.

Jeremy Lin's awesomeness continues.

Do you feel bad that about how badly the creators of this summers biggest comic book movies got screwed?

Supercut of Jay-Z's 99 Problems.

How much does an average McDonald's restaurant make?

David Lee Roth explains why brown M&M's were forbidden at Van Halen concerts.

What's it like to open a 30 year-old Snickers bar?

This guy has been digging out his basement for 15 years using only R/C scale model construction equipment.

Happy Birthday Cesar Romero!!!

V.21 No.5 | 2/2/2012


The Daily Word in pink slime, cinnamon challenges and alien brain hemorrhage cocktails

The Daily Word

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich sued for using the Rocky III theme song during rallies.

A principal is on leave after voluntarily watching some students take the “cinnamon challenge.”

NBC decides to do away with a Fear Factor episode where contestants drink cups of donkey semen.

Burmese pythons are wreaking havoc on the mammal population in the Everglades.

McDonald’s promises to stop using the “pink slime” additive in its food.

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to Vassar College ... just kidding!

Have you ever wondered how to make an alien brain hemorrhage cocktail?

This week in pictures? A 198-pound tumor.

Drive your diligent coworkers to drink with this annoying dog application.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to take servers to the open waters.

Happy Birthday, Justin Timberlake!

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Carl Petersen for some of today’s links.

V.20 No.41 | 10/13/2011


The Daily Word in Van Gogh, Burlington Coat Factory and the Toy Box Killer.

The Daily Word

Maybe Van Gogh didn’t kill himself.

There was a naked man in Burlington Coat Factory.

Racer Dan Wheldon died in a 15-car pile up.

Cards go to the World Series.

Here’s that McDonald’s beating.

Sesame Street’s Youtube channel was hacked and filled with porn.

Most complete. Dinosaur skeleton. Ever.

You can forget about watching Tower Heist at home for a few more months.

Here’s the latest in comic book news.

Carve this cool Jackolantern.

Ha ha. Dog gets firecracker.

Here are 12 really weird places.

Does it look like these stars are moving?

Learn all about poop.

Guess who I saw today?

Look at all these weird birthday cakes.

A home invader tried to smother a woman with a pillow.

The FBI released photos of “Toy Box Killer” stuff.

A guy pulled a gun on Walmart security.

Happy birthday, Margot Kidder. (Warning: this clip may induce nausea.)

Thanks to Tom Nayder for the help.

V.20 No.40 |


The Daily Word in Sasquatch, the Kraken and Megavirus walk into a bar

The Daily Word

Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador on American soil uncovered.

This "Let Women Die" act sounds unsettling.

Bad news for the Roswell UFO Museum.

Rick Perry: flameout

Keep on the lookout for terrorists holding snowglobes.

The worlds largest virus is ironically called Megavirus.

The Kraken's lair discovered in Nevada.

Russian scientists are 95% sure sasquatch lives in Siberia, but my scientists say he lives on the sun.

R.I.P. gay rights activist Frank Kameny.

The 50 best signs from Occupy Wall Street.

Reddit has a child porn problem.

Avengers. Trailer. Here.

Ladies, keep your boobs away from this phony door-to-door breast examiner.

What's the deal with these rubbing rocks from the Atacama desert?

Peanut butter prices are set to skyrocket next month.

Awesome Star Wars/Disney Princess birthday cake.

New website will help you find free parking around UNM.

AshPoopie does exactly what you think it will do. Please tell me you were thinking it would incinerate your dog crap!

Dr. Pepper unveils a lame macho diet soda.

The McZ├╝ri is the first McDonald's burger made from ground-veal.

25 abandoned Yugoslavian monuments.

That American Pie reunion is happening.

The world's oldest car runs better than mine.

Rihanna named Esquire's sexiest woman alive.

Happy Birthday Dusty Rhodes!!!

V.20 No.26 |


The Daily Word with Rare Earth Minerals, A Groundbreaking Tampon Ad and a 100-Mile-Wide Dust Storm

The Daily Word

President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry at odds over scheduled execution of a Mexican national.

Al-Qaida linked terrorist secretly brought to New York to stand trial.

Not many problems with illegal fireworks this year.

Roadwork on the west side begins today.

South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Casey Anthony found not guilty, the talking heads who convicted her go apeshit!

Did illegal immigrants cause a 100-mile-wide dust storm in Phoenix???

Biker dies from head injury while protesting helmet laws in New York.

The Anti-PowerPoint Party is Switzerland's newest political party. Can you guess what their agenda is?

New study shows environmental factors play a more important role in causing autism.

Behold, a landmark American tampon ad.

Ad for the new Kevin James movie digitally inserted into 2007 rerun of How I Met Your Mother.

Man tries to escape prison in his wife's suitcase.

Japan discovers huge deposit of rare earth minerals.

Hooray for weird Italian sci-fi movies!

Top 10 cosmic album covers.

Monkey steals camera, takes the greatest self portrait ever.

Man sues to get his porn in prison.

The first cyborg horror story is 1834's The Steam Arm.

Your July financial to-do list.

McDonald's is test marketing an English Pub Burger.

Largest ever marsupial fossil discovered in Australia.

Holy Happy Birthday Burt Ward!!!

V.19 No.47 |


Alibi Flickr Photo of the Day


Posted to Alibi's Flickr photo pool by our buddymighty grand poova.

Micky D's one minute after Armegeddon

whored up and over by photoshop

V.19 No.36 | 9/9/2010


The Daily Word 9.7.10: New Zealand quake ripped the Earth a new one, learn all about zombies in college, Kim Jong Il likes The Big Lebowski

The Daily Word

McDonald’s raises its dollar menu prices, and the homeless ain’t happy.

Snooki a member of the Third Reich? Swastikas are found scribbled on a Jersey Shore boardwalk.

The devastating New Zealand earthquake tore open a new fault line on the Earth’s surface.

North Korea creates two video games based off of The Big Lebowski and Men in Black; Kim Jong Il reportedly changes legal name to simply “The Dude.”

New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush to be stripped of his 2005 Heisman Trophy with USC.

The University of Baltimore is offering a Zombies 101 class for those who can’t get enough of our dead-walking flesh-eating breathren.

Tiger Woods gets selected for the U.S. Ryder Cup team, even though he sucks now.

Dublin, Georgia passes an ordinance which will outlaw the wearing of saggy pants.

John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman is up for parole again.

More than 25,000 people attended this past weekend’s record-breaking New Mexico Wine Festival.