V.24 No.42 | 10/15/2015


The Daily Word in Christmas drones, Billy the Kid and Meatloaf's puppy

Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau will be Canada's next Prime Minister

The Daily Word

Another supposed picture of Billy the Kid was the subject of a TV documentary last night.

There was a macabre apparent murder-suicide in Phoenix last Sunday.

Meatloaf picked up an abandoned puppy during his tour stop in Albuquerque.

The trailer for the new Star Wars film is out.

Biodregadable urns make it easier to become an oak tree. Or a peach tree.

Liberal Justin Trudeau will be Canada's next Prime Minister after defeating Conservative Steven Harper in a landslide.

Drones are the big christmas item this year and the US government wants them all registered.

Texas driver swerves and hits a passing motorcyclist. "Doesn't care".

Sad, cute or just weird: this kid had a CVS pharmacy-themed birthday party.

V.19 No.7 | 2/18/2010
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Literal Meatloaf

If you have yet to experience the joy of “literal” music videos on YouTube, then the best place to start is this hilarious retelling of Meatloaf’s gloriously over-the-top anthem “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).” The idea is to redub an old music video using lyrics that describe exactly what’s happening in the video. Needless to say, this gothic fairy tale offers plenty of MTV era silliness on which to comment. “My mattress is made of gypsy sluts.” A catchphrase if I ever heard one.