merican slang

V.29 No.10 | 3/5/2020
Merican Slang
Corey Yazzie

Music Feature

In the American Vernacular

Merican Slang Is Back

Merican Slang is a band that features the saxophone, an instrument that, until recently, was considered to be Satanic. More than that, this fresh and phat collection of longtime Burqueño musicians plays a sort of rock and roll that may indeed be described as devilish. We asked the band to stop by our headquarters.
V.21 No.47 | 11/22/2012
Concepto Tambor


Low Spirits and leftovers, wobblesauce disco and a cornucopia of metal

After your gustatory cravings are sated, you may develop a yen for sonic distraction. Read all about three enticing post-Thanksgiving gigs—featuring acts like Concepto Tambor, DJ Nicolatron and Black Tusk—in this week’s Music to Your Ears. Check out music from featured acts below. Gobble gobble hey!

Concepto Tambor

Music to Your Ears

Whether your post-Thanksgiving weekend finds you craving Afro-Latin and Brazilian grooves, pounding house music or heavy metal, Music to Your Ears has your second helping covered.