V.25 No.8 | 2/25/2016


The Daily Word in Kalamazoo shooting, Kesha and Apple

The Daily Word

Kalamazoo gunman suspect charged with 6 counts of murder.

Kesha’s court battle with her producer has everyone riled up and it’s for a damn good reason.

My heart strings are about to be tugged right out of my chest because what can be sweeter than this?

Jeb Bush has parted ways with the 2016 Presidential election, folks.

FBI VS Apple. Who will win?

For 2 minutes and 40 seconds I forgot that this Game of Thrones and Donald Trump mashup actually has real footage of things Donald Trump has said.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is the best of all time.

V.25 No.3 | 01/21/2016

The Daily Word in Space, Darkness, and Weed

The Daily Word

Three versions of van Gough’s The Bedroom will be shown for the first time in North America in Chicago.

New planet! New planet!

More space stuff (and aliens??????)!

Some photos from a journey across Turkey (with hot air balloons!).

How are insomnia and depression related?

‘Cause gals can only be pals.

Ladies, are you ready to get fucked up? Because this will fuck you up.

Read about the entrepreneur weed chef, Jaime Lewis.

Rick Snyder—Michigan’s governor who is at the center of the Flint water crisis—has released all his emails concerning Flint and the toxic water.

V.23 No.50 | 12/11/2014
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

From North Korea to Ohio, it’s funny because it happened to someone else.
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The Daily Word in bin Laden's shooter, Detroit's bankruptcy and brains

The Daily Word

A judge has delayed the sentencing for friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, due to a question still pending before the US Supreme Court over what is considered “tangible” evidence.

Due to recent marijuana legalization victories in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC, pot proponents are looking toward California to make it legal for recreational use.

After the name of Osama bin Laden's shooter was revealed, other members of SEAL Team Six are speaking out in disagreement over who actually fired the fatal shot.

A judge is expected to rule today on a restructuring plan that could get Detroit out of bankruptcy.

New Zealand has withdrawn its charge against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd for allegedly trying to “procure a murder.”

A priest in Gallup, N.M., up and left the church, leaving parishioners wondering why he left and if he took any of the church's money with him.

Dr. Kent Kiehl of the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque says that the brains of child killers are “strikingly different” from those of other children.

The city council voted 8-0 last night to approve the Department of Justice's agreement, which gives APD four years to make necessary reforms aimed at their use of excessive force and how they deal with mentally ill people.

Elaine, a 38-year-old chimpanzee, gave birth to twins at the BioPark Zoo this past week!

This little guy was really upset that he couldn't vote.

V.23 No.44 | 10/30/2014
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

From China to Georgia, it’s funny because it happened to someone else.
V.23 No.38 | 9/18/2014
Odds and Ends
From Oklahoma to Oregon, it’s funny because it happened to someone else.
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The Daily Word in the president's popularity, porcelain presents and one big fart

The Daily Word

Authorities believe bad weather caused an Air Algerie plane to crash in Mali, resulting in the deaths of 118 people on board.

The Palestinian Fatah movement calls for a “day of rage” in honor and respect for those suffering in Gaza.

Obama is meeting with the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador today to urge them to slow the number of immigrants coming toward the US.

Speaking of President Obama, according to a CNN poll, 33 percent of Americans think the president should be impeached.

A Michigan dog-owner may be charged with involuntary manslaughter after his two canines fatally mauled a man.

California Police are investigating a number of incidents where porcelain dolls have been left in front of homes of little girls they resemble. Cause that's not at all creepy.

Albuquerque police and the Department of Justice “announced progress in reaching a deal designed to fix the problems the [DOJ] report identified.”

Two men who did construction work without licenses and ripped off numerous individuals will face criminal charges.

The sister of a homeless man who was beaten to death by three teenagers speaks out.

According to the ABQ Journal, the two APD officers who shot and killed Jeremy Robertson on Tuesday have shot and killed other men within the last four years.

Feeling flatulant? Head to Dover!

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The Daily Word in offshore oil, US earthquakes and same-sex marriage

The Daily Word

A judge overturned Florida's ban on same-sex marriage; however, it only applies to Florida Keys.

Police in Pontiac, Mich., have identified “mummified” remains found in a garage.

16 US states have an increased risk of experiencing earthquakes in the coming years.

Obama administration approves offshore oil exploration on the East Coast.

Researchers find a possible connection between vasectomies and prostate cancer.

The massive number of toxicology reports to a state laboratory has caused delays with issuing death certificates.

Joy Junction's photos of the food they serve have ruffled someone's feathers.

Three people were killed yesterday morning in a helicoptor crash in Guadalupe County.

Uh oh, the Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association's president got a stern warning from a state law enforcement board.

Walter White went to space!

V.23 No.13 |


The Daily Word in Washington mudslides, a coin-flip removal and gay marriage in Michigan

The Daily Word

After two major mudslides occurred in Oso, Washington, authorities say up to 90 people are missing, and the death toll has risen to 17.

If Michigan won't recognize same-sex marriage, the federal government will.

President Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia today to smooth things over with King Abdullah.

Nine mid-level commanders charged with safe-guarding the US nuclear arsenal have been fired for “creating a culture that enabled” cheating on proficiency exams.

Mayor Richard Berry doesn't think a federal takeover of APD is a good idea.

Phillip Chacón flipped the coin, called heads and lost his city council seat.

A “new state-by-state comparison” puts New Mexico near the bottom in regards to university graduation rates.

Just in case you forgot why New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment

In case you're planning on playing basketball at the University of Georgia, know this: “Orgies and gangbangs are inappropriate.

V.22 No.33 |


The Daily Word in Mubarak's potential release, bear maulings and Pistorius' indictment

The Daily Word

Egyptian officials are calling for the release of former President Hosni Mubarak from prison, which some say could result in more violence in Egypt.

A study shows that US unemployment rates increased in more than half the states in July, and hiring, which has been steady since January, took a slow decline in July as well.

Oscar Pistorius, Paralympic champion, is being indicted for premeditated murder for the shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

This is why I don't go jogging in Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming … or pretty much anywhere.

I don't care if you raised the prices. We came to see some polar bears!

UNM has incorporated a new system where students can log in online to report crimes they witness on campus. … because phones are so last year.

It's not every day that you pay 25 cents upon receiving a parcel from China. … and then get arrested for it.

Just in case you ever wondered what would happen if you stuck a fork into your meat and two veg, a 70-year-old Australian man has the answer.

V.20 No.15 | 4/14/2011

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Flyer on the Wall

Bow Down to the Dutch Hercules

Tesco Vee is the loudmouthed wiseacre who co-founded Touch and Go magazine and the subsequent record label. He’s also front sleazoid for The Meatmen, a band formed in Lansing, Mich., at the dawn of hardcore punk. He and his meaty minions will be making costume changes and dirty jokes at the Moonlight Lounge on Tuesday, April 19, at 8:30 p.m. Against The Grain opens the adults-only show, and $10 gets your degenerate form through the door. (Jessica Cassyle Carr)

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V.18 No.42 | 10/15/2009


The Hoot Smalley Report #4: Michigan Wants Film Industry, Too

Okay, for anyone out there that thinks my perspective about New Mexico’s Film Incentives not being competitve is unfounded, I present the following: A letter from Michigan State Senator Glida Z Jacobs, and Michigan’s ADVERTISED proposal for the expansion of their Michigan Business Tax Act which can be found at the Michigan Legislature website under Document - Section 208.1455.

While I don’t blame Michigan for being competitive I do say that if we hope to compete we as New Mexicans need to change the paradigm and further reinforce our incentives with private enterprise. Utah and Oregon are doing similar legislation that is leaving us in the dust.

Outside of New York and L.A. we are currently ranked sixth.

Let’s get to work New Mexico!


Let Michigan's Film Incentives Work

May 13, 2009 by Senator Glida Z Jacobs

Last year, the Michigan Legislature approved the country’s most aggressive incentive package for the film and digital media industries with overwhelming support. Now these incentives are under fire from some who say they are “too successful.” Those arguments are shortsighted. Instead of capping these incentives I believe that we should let them continue working and bringing new jobs and industries to Michigan.

Michigan is reaping benefits from these new film incentives. We’ve seen 136 applications for productions, 71 were approved and 35 were completed by the end of 2008. All of that happened in just the first year of the film incentives.

Just this year we have heard about new movie deals and new studios coming into our state. Southfield-based Parallax Productions signed a deal with New Castle Entertainment to create several movies worth as much as $60 million. In early April a new $146 million dollar studio complex was announced for Allen Park. Two other studios are slated to open in the next year, and short term training programs are being offered by community colleges and universities.

Yes the state has collected taxes and yes we have paid incentive money back to these productions. This is what film incentive critics focus on: the money the state pays back to productions. What the critics fail to consider is the money that comes into our communities from these same productions. The local trophy shop that provided trophies for a movie about high school students, the hotel rooms and homes that are rented for actors, the locals who are hired for extras, the caterers that provide food, and the list will only grow longer if we just let these film incentives work. Hollywood is very good at acting quickly, investing heavily, and promoting globally. We are courting this industry to jar our state off of its sole dependence on the auto industry and it is working.

At least one of our neighbors, Ohio, is looking at our film incentives and trying to figure out how they can do better. Ohio is facing a $7.5 billion deficit over the next two fiscal years. And yet they are seriously trying to adopt any incentive package that might compete with ours. Ohio lawmakers understand that film incentives could be a critical investment to diversify their economy.

That is the point of the film incentives and that is what they are doing for Michigan: diversifying our economy and creating new jobs and opportunities. The film industry is animation and special effects studios, digital media, and gaming consoles. These are the jobs of the future that will keep our young people here and draw talented newcomers into Michigan.

Michigan Film Production Incentives * Information Disclaimer 40% Tax Rebate (refundable tax credit) For Michigan Production (42% in Core Cities) Out of State Below The Line wages are pegged at 30%. Above The Line 40%. 40% refundable tax credit against Michigan Business Tax (MBT) liability for qualified film or digital media pre-production, production, and postproduction costs incurred in Michigan. Alternatively could be claimed against Michigan income tax withholding tax liability. Refundable and assignable (transferable). This is a “refund” or “tax rebate” equal to 40% of qualified production expenditures, not a credit against taxes owed. Additional 2% credit in core communities. Wages paid to non-Michigan residents eligible as a qualified expenditure capped at $2 million per person per production. $50,000 minimum spend. No project cap. No annual cap. No sunset. Income Tax Exemption for Reinvestment in Michigan Productions Allow an income tax deduction equal to all or a portion of a gain realized from an equity investment of at least $25,000 in an qualified production in Michigan, if the initial investment plus the gain, or a portion of the gain, is reinvested in a new qualified production within one year. Sunset on September 30, 2015.

Infrastructure Development Incentives Film & Digital Media Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit Investment of $250,000 or more in Michigan film or digital media production infrastructure (such as studios, equipment, or other facilities) eligible for a 25% tax credit against MBT liability. Credit is assignable or may be carried forward. Total credits allowed limited to $10 million annually. Credit reduced for brownfield credits claimed for same investment. Sunset on September 30, 2015. MEGA Eligibility for Film & Digital Media Production Companies Authorize film and digital media production companies to apply for and receive tax credits issued by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) against MBT liability.

FINANCING INCENTIVES Film and Digital Media Investment Loans (not currently funded) Authorize the Michigan Strategic Fund to offer loans from the Jobs for Michigan Investment Fund (part of 21st Century Jobs Fund Program) for up to $15 million per qualifying film and digital media productions in Michigan. Loans can be 0% with backend participation by the Jobs for Michigan Investment Fund in lieu of interest. Terms of loans are negotiated and production budget must be at least $2 million. A guarantor for the loan must be in place. Production must be wholly or substantially shot in Michigan. Qualified production company eligible for both loan and 40% production tax credit.

Choose Michigan Film and Digital Media Production Loan Program (not currently funded) Authorize a qualified production company to receive all or a portion of the value of discounted tax credits the company is eligible to receive in the form of a loan from the Jobs for Michigan Investment Fund approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund. Credits would be pledged for the repayment of the loan. Loans would be provided an interest rate of up to 2%. Minimum loan amount would be $500,000. No loan would be greater than the discounted value of the tax incentives pledged. Production company would be responsible for loan repayment regardless of performance of primary tax incentive.

Capital Access Program for Film and Digital Media Producers (not currently funded) Authorize film and digital media production companies to participate in the capital access program established by the Michigan Strategic Fund under the 21st Century Jobs Program. Participating banks throughout Michigan would offer CAP loans directly to production companies that need credit enhancement. Similar to a loan loss reserve fund, the bank, the production company, and the Michigan Strategic Fund pay a small premium into a reserve that makes it possible for the company to receive fixed asset and working capital financing in the form of a private loan from the bank.

Workforce Development Incentives Film & Digital Media Worker Job Training Tax Credit 50% refundable MBT tax credit for expenditures incurred by an eligible production company to provide on-the-job training for Michigan residents in advanced below-the-line crew positions on qualified productions. Expenditures eligible for job training tax credit could not also be claimed for the 40% production tax credit. Sunset on September 30, 2015.

Enhance Michigan Film Office Enhance Michigan Film Office Formalize, update, and enhance the powers, duties, and functions of the Michigan Film Office and Michigan Film Advisory Commission. Transfer Office to the Michigan Strategic Fund with staff support and related resources provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Change name of Michigan Film Commission Advisory Commission to the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council and increase terms of office for members of Council from 3 to 4 years with staggered terms. Prohibit authorized claims of agency or employment relationship with the Film Office. Repeal Sections 21 and 22 of the History, Arts, and Libraries Act. Increase Financial Support for Michigan Film Office Create the Michigan Film Promotion Fund to support and provide additional dedicated funding to support the Michigan Film Office. Charge a 0.5% application and redemption fee for all film-related tax credits, with proceeds deposited in the Michigan Film Promotion Fund to support the Michigan Film Office. Require 50% of any state earnings on a loan or investment in a production from the Jobs for Michigan Investment Fund be deposited in the Michigan Film Promotion Fund. * Information Disclaimer: This is a Preliminary summary of proposals. Verify info with the Michigan Film Office. For The Michigan Film Office Text of the Michigan Film Incentive Bills go here: http://michigan.gov/filmoffice