V.28 No.33 | 8/15/2019
Jimmy Stallings

Music Interview

The Legend of Jimmy Stallings

Singer-songwriter chats with Barnes and March

We chat with Jimmy Stallings and Jeremy Barnes about tuneage, musical mythology, the ever-blossoming future and the always present past.
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Aural Fixation

You’re Coming Along

Autumn, school, music

Face it: Everyone will like you so much better when you’ve learned to play a musical instrument, and the end of summer, just as fall approaches, is a perfect time to learn.
V.28 No.32 | 8/8/2019
Samantha Fish
Courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

It’s Festival Eclectica!

Woman-fronted fest takes over Angel Fire

Wondering what you can do to beat the heat? Head northeast about 154 miles to Angel Fire for Festival Eclectica.

Sonic Reducer

Various WEEDIAN Volume 2 · Sweet Nothin New Generation · Lady Uranium Vulpes Macrotis

We review new releases by Sweet Nothin and Lady Uranium, as well as a compilation called WEEDIAN Volume 2.
V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
Rick Diamond

Music Interview

Crossing Styx with a Hot Guitar

James Young puts the rock in the ride

We chat with James Young of Styx about rocanrol, the electric guitar and a beloved band that keeps going and going, headed for the sky and other celestial bodies, too.
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Sonic Reducer

Glitter Vomit Tangling · ALONEWULF ALONEWULF

We review new releases by ALONEWULF and Glitter Vomit.
V.28 No.30 | 7/25/2019
Mac Sabbath
Jeremy Saffer

Music Interview

Big Mac Sabbath Attack

Mysterious band has something cooking

We chat with the gratuitously greasy yet gorgeously gritty Mac Sabbath—again!
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Playing in the Band ...
Eric Williams Photography

Aural Fixation

Miracle and Wonder

Graceland in Albuquerque

Graceland Superjam will be a special show featuring 14 musicians performing the Paul Simon album Graceland from start to finish.
V.28 No.29 | 7/18/2019
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Where Kansas Is a Band

Chatting with violinist David Ragsdale

Weekly Alibi chats with violinist David Ragsdale of American prog rock band Kansas.
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V.28 No.28 | 7/11/2019
Leyla McCalla
courtesy of the artist

Aural Fixation

Time for Jazz

Festival begins this weekend

July means jazz in New Mexico. The New Mexico Jazz Festival, now in its 14th season, begins this Thursday.
V.28 No.27 | 7/4/2019
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Photo: Glen Rose

Music Interview

Nitty and Gritty

Jeff Hanna’s Americana

Weekly Alibi had the opportunity to chat with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founding member Jeff Hanna ahead of the band’s headlining appearance at Albuquerque’s official Fourth of July celebration.

Pawn Drive Live at the Albuquerque Press Club

Sonic Reducer

Pawn Drive Live at the Albuquerque Press Club

We review Pawn Drive’s Live at the Albuquerque Press Club.
V.28 No.26 | 6/27/2019
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Glee in Gleewood

Southern Gothic for Norteños

Weekly Alibi caught up with Gleewood as they drove toward Roswell for a Friday night gig. Since there weren’t any UFOs flitting about and showtime was imminent, music was the immediate focus of our rather cool conversation.
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Sonic Reducer

Fuguers Cove Skeletons

We review the new fuguers cove record.