V.27 No.25 | 6/21/2018
Ashes of Jupiter
Eric Williams Photography

Music Interview

The Biggest Planet

In conversation with Ashes of Jupiter

Weekly Alibi talks with Albuquerque's Ashes of Jupiter about heavy metal, Southern rock and science fiction.
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V.27 No.24 | 6/14/2018

Music to Your Ears

Bringing the Funk

Zoo Music concert features Big Sam’s Funky Nation

This summer’s Zoo Music Series continues on Friday, June 15 with a performance by Big Sam’s Funky Nation

Sonic Reducer

Anna Mall Sigils and Other Spells · Noche Blanca Noche Blanca · John Reagan John Reagan's Future

Reviews of local recordings. This week Mr. March listens to Anna Mall, Noche Blanca and John Reagan.
V.27 No.23 | 6/7/2018

Sonic Reducer

Theo Rego Guitar Works from Cochiti · eric.lisausky Where's The Bananas?

August March listens to new releases by Eric Lisausky and Theo Rego
V.27 No.22 | 5/31/2018

Sonic Reducer

Sun Dog parnassus · Treehouse Basement If We Didn't Grow Old · Hennessey on Ice Let It Go

We review new releases by Sun Dog, Treehouse Basement and Hennessey on Ice.
V.27 No.21 | 5/24/2018
Mountainhead - Act Natural
We review new releases by Mountainhead, Foster Dog and Beryllium With Gold.
V.27 No.20 | 5/17/2018

Sonic Reducer

Dead Wretch Hug Division Dead Wretch · Rebekkah Dreskin Blame It On Rebekkah · Rue Badly WE

We review releases by Rebekkah Dreskin, Dead Wretch and Rue Badly.
V.27 No.19 | 5/10/2018
We review new music from Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers and Self Neglect.
V.27 No.17 | 4/26/2018
Eddie Money
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

Because I Can’t Get Enough

The world, through Money-colored lenses

At the end of the day Eddie Money is and remains just who he says he is. Honest to a fault, hardworking, damn funny, musically literate and possessed of the kind of spirit that one doesn’t get from striking a deal with the devil, but rather from outrunning the bastard. Eddie Money rocks.
V.27 No.16 | 4/19/2018

Best of Burque Music 2018

Best of Burque Music 2018 Winners

A big thanks to Showcase participants and attendees

Winners and nominees—23 of them— rocked over a thousand attendees at five venues on March 24, 2018. It was a blast and we’ll see you at next year’s shindig. Here for posterity (and your browsing pleasure) are the winners and runners-up.

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The Breeders
Maria Gesualdi

Music Interview

One Divine Hammer

Chatting with Kelley Deal

August March speaks with Kelley Deal of The Breeders about how things have changed since 25 years ago.
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V.27 No.14 | 4/5/2018
courtesy of the artist

Music Interview

No Sleep Till Provo

DECON conjures his dream

We speak with DECON, a creator of the latest of the greatest in musical currents, a booming, blithely beatific thing called EDM.