music review

V.29 No.4 | 1/23/2020
We review new albums by WURM, Here, Now and Abstract Lion.
V.29 No.3 | 1/16/2020
We review albums by Terrible Tumors, Mineral Hill and it was the wires.
V.29 No.2 | 1/9/2020
We review releases by Dymer, Katarak Attack and John King Cave.
V.29 No.1 | 1/2/2020
We review new albums by Adam Ganer, Filalete and Lone Piñon.
V.28 No.51 | 12/19/2019
We review a new album by Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers.
V.28 No.50 | 12/12/2019

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Angela Stretch lunch lady and the vanilla drill · The Ordinary Things Stories · Stephen Siegrist Hex

We review albums by Angela Stretch, The Ordinary Things and Stephen Siegrist.
V.28 No.49 | 12/5/2019

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Patema Fathom · HoneyWire Always in Sight · Alex Chavosaurus Enthused Pulse

We review albums by Patema, HoneyWire and Alex Chavosaurus.
V.28 No.48 | 11/28/2019
We review albums by The Directory, Kyle Martin and Theo Rego.
V.28 No.47 | 11/21/2019
Christmas Time in New Mexico
We review new albums by Michael Allan Baca, Marshal Lawrence and Cactus Warmuth.
V.28 No.46 | 11/14/2019

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Rosie Hutchinson Hosie

We review the new album by Rosie Hutchinson.
V.28 No.45 | 11/7/2019
We review Jimmy Stallings’ Sing To The King.
V.28 No.42 | 10/17/2019

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The Bellmont Hide Your Tracks

We review The Bellmont’s new album.
V.28 No.41 | 10/10/2019
We review new releases by fuguers cove, Golconda and LAD & Gypsy.
V.28 No.40 | 10/3/2019

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OK Grandpa If Jesus Comes Back, Kill Him Again · Nobody Particular The Endangered Cowboy · The High Desert Playboys Country Songs for Your Trip To Mars

We review new releases by The High Desert Playboys, Nobody Particular and OK Grandpa.