V.25 No.44 | 11/03/2016

Event Horizon

Calling All Voyeurs

Saturday, Nov 5: Fetish Formal

The Weekly Alibi presents an immersive theatrical experience featuring fetishistic delights around every corner. The location will ?only ?be disclosed ?after registration. ?After approval, the invitation will be mailed to you featuring original, limited edition artwork by award winning artist, Darla Halmark?.
V.22 No.4 | 1/24/2013
Lauren Anderson
Harry Redus-Brown


Burque unplugged

Jim Phillips got the skinny on the Super Awesome Acoustic Show and pianist Lauren Anderson by hanging out in a bar and pushing a 3-year-old in a stroller. In the process, he may have teared up a bit. Read all about the frisson-inducing showcase in ¡Viva Hyperbole! Check out a Lauren Anderson track below. Low Spirits • Super Awesome Acoustic Show • Fri Jan 25 • 9 pm • $3 • 21+ •

Lauren Anderson
Harry Redus-Brown

Aural Fixation

¡Viva Hyperbole!

Acoustics of a social experiment

Musician and writer Jim Phillips pushes a stroller and braves a bar to bring you the scoop on the Super Awesome Acoustic Show.
V.21 No.6 |


The Daily Word in purple squirrels, drug-testing for St. Michael's students and Whitney Houston dead in a hotel room

The Daily Word

Macaulay Culkin is now Willem Dafoe.

St. Michael's high school in Santa Fe may institute a random drug-testing policy.

Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room, possibly by her bodyguard.

A purple squirrel in Pennsylvania.

1930's musicians' reaction to the demise of live musical accompaniment in movie theatres.

The Falkland Islands are experiencing a food shortage.

These Marine snipers employed an SS symbol nearly identical to the Nazi SS runes as their own, but apparently it's all a big misunderstanding....

Take your Valentine on a date... to an NYC sewage treatment plant.

Check out this nifty Gene Vincent tour documentary from 1969.

On this day in 1980 Christina Ricci was born.

V.19 No.24 |


Garry Shider -- Rest in P-Funk

The world woke up a little less funky this morning. Parliament-Funkadelic guitarist, musical director and vocalist, Garry Shider passed away last night after a battle with cancer.

I'll always remember Garry fondly, having been lucky enough to share the most bizarre car ride of my life with him. See, my big brother worked for P-Funk for a decade beginning in the '90s. So late one night, well after a show at the Ogden theater in Denver, my brother asked me, 17 at the time, if I'd give one of his friends a ride to his hotel. My mom, a friend, Garry and I piled into my Honda CRX and off we went. Garry, sitting shotgun, was sweet as could be, thanking me for the ride and asking if us ladies wanted to accompany him to breakfast. It was about 3 a.m. and I really just wanted to go to sleep. Besides, there's not much to eat at that hour, but musicians don't really run on the same time schedule as the rest of us people.

Because Garry was the first person outside of my family to ride in that car, which I'd bought earlier that same day, I always remembered him. In fact, he called me "Sugar," a name I passed along to the car.

Because I was in high school and only kind of cool, I'd only known Garry as the guy who wore the diaper on-stage. I tried to be cool and not let him know that I was scared to death/ in awe of him. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure he was drunk, and, looking back on it, probably used to teenagers trying way too hard in his presence.

Though I never got the chance to meet Garry again, my brother, who quit working for P-Funk a few years ago, has stayed part of the family, flying to New York not long ago, when Garry was rushed to the hospital to say his goodbyes.

In the last few weeks the members of the Mothership have been working on a few benefits to pay for Garry's care (this is a good time for us all to remember that, though P-Funk is iconic, they're not exactly rolling around in stacks of money). Though Garry left the Earth last night, his family is still faced with bills. The Garry Shider Medical Fund has been set up in conjunction with an organization called Sweet Relief, a non-profit charity that offers help to musicians without medical insurance.

Paypal donations to Garry's fund will be split 80/20 with Sweet Relief to help other musicians in their time of need.

Since Garry got sick a benefit album of fan tracks has been in the works as well and will be available, hopefully next week--depending on funeral services--at the Medical Fund site as well as

Rest in Peace funky brother!

V.18 No.51 | 12/17/2009
Judy Chicago

Art Quiz

Match the Famous Artists to Their Beliefs

Happy Hanukkah, everyone! I mean: Merry Christmas! Joyous Kwanzaa. Happy Islamic New Year. Blessed Solstice. Super Pancha Ganapati, all. Join us in celebrating the range of winter holidays with our Match the Famous Artists to Their Beliefs quiz. Reductionist? Maybe. Neat fun? You bet!

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