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V.25 No.16 | 04/21/2016
JayCee Beyale

Event Horizon

Rise and Rezonate

Saturday, Apr 30: Rezilience Indigenous Arts Experience

Learn about Indigenous art processes. More than 60 Indigenous artists and art-related professionals representing the US, Canada and Latin America participate.
V.25 No.14 | 04/07/2016
Jemez Buffalo dancers via pintrest

Event Horizon

Jemez in the Heart

Sunday, Apr 17: Jemez Pueblo Artisan Fair

Jemez Pueblo artisans sell their art and crafts. Jemez Dancers perform.
V.25 No.8 | 02/25/2016



Festival hits ABQ in April

This April, the National Hispanic Cultural Center will host REZILIENCE, a festival celebrating Indigenous arts in their many forms. Thematic categories that will be showcased include “Movement,”“Design,”“Inspiration,”“Voice,” “Vision,” “Expression” and “Exchange,”with artists working in all manner of media exploring them. The Executive Director of the event elaborated on its mission, saying “This event is a movement based in creativity. It is our creative practices that have facilitated cultural longevity, community building, knowledge, growth and healing for generations. REZILIENCE will be the new model of unity for indigenous cultures, worldwide.”

But to meet their goals of creating a foundation to create new meaning and provide a venue to showcase the work of contemporary Native artists, the organizers have to secure the funds.

Check out their Kickstarter to donate and visit the REZILIENCE website to find out more about the confirmed performers (which include poets, musicians and painters. The organizers intend to create an inclusive, safe space for all to appreciate and celebrate cultural exchange and the work of Indigenous creators everywhere, throughout time.

V.22 No.19 | 5/9/2013
Rhett Lynch adds color around his prayer bundle piece for above the bed.
Maresa Thompson

Arts Feature

Live-In Art at the Nativo Lodge

Works of art by Native artists leave the museum behind.
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V.19 No.34 | 8/26/2010


Found on Santa Fe Craigslist: The Estate of Ron Big Bear Church ($150,000)

Could this be some kind of new internet scam? But with deceased Native American art dealers instead of dead Nigerian land owners?

I have been left, via my deceased brother's estate, the remains of what might be one of the largest variety and number of Native American Art and Crafts, costing my brother $150,000-$200,000 . These represent over 50 yrs of collecting from all over the country and were part of his Texas gallery as well as his personal collection.

The Clock is Ticking - due to my own poor health and having no heirs, I will sacrifice all, or any portion, of this collection for any offer that makes sense at all. All pieces are shown with prices already marked down to 20-50% of their gallery price/value.

Quick, hop on a plane, fly to Austin, and make me an offer. I will consider any cash offer, made in person, for any and all pieces. Because of my disability and people wasting my time, I no longer pack, weigh, and/or ship items. Everything from this point on will be sold in person for cash.

V.19 No.16 | 4/22/2010
“Bounty Hunter and Trickster Encounter,” painting by Ryan Singer

Art News

N8V Now

Young artists and the new school

Though it’s not widely known, Boba Fett is an important figure in Native American art. At least, he is in the art of Ryan Singer. Originally from Tuba City, Ariz., in Navajo country, the Albuquerque artist is working on a portrait of the infamous Star Wars bounty hunter, armed and gunning for the viewer, alongside a wolf haloed by the Fett insignia.

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