natural rx

V.28 No.10 | 3/7/2019
Banana Liquor
J. Grisham

Baked Goods

Thanks for All the Memories

Nostalgia, noses and Natural Rx

Mystery #1 takes Joshua Lee back in time, and Banana Liquor relieves ocular pressure and joint pain, leaving him in a dreamy, relaxed state.
V.27 No.31 | 8/2/2018
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Current Interrupted

A mood change from Natural Rx

Joshua Lee breaks the silence in Rio Rancho. PH-C melts his tension and Wookies makes him forget the the summer sun.
V.26 No.51 | 12/21/2017
Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Lost in Los Lunas

The search for Natural Rx

Overflookies is a letdown, but Super Sour Fire OG uplifts and improves Joshua Lee's mood by bounds, while relaxing back and leg muscles.
V.26 No.11 | 3/16/2017
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Rob M.

Baked Goods

A Long Way To Go For a Mystery

Natural Rx makes you wonder …

Despite the somewhat hidden location, lack of printed lab results and sub-par medicine, the place was packed with patients who were clearly regulars.