New Pornographers

new pornographers

V.20 No.15 | 4/14/2011


New Pornographers play the Sunshine Theater Thursday April 14

New Pornographers are one of the few bands in the last decade that have actually shocked me, and it wasn’t because of their intentionally cute-and-shocky name, but because of the almost heavy-handed hookiness that whacked my head from first listen. That’s not easy to do, and in another universe where people still listen to the radio and care about music, the New Pornographers dominate the charts. Our Canadian hook machine is led by super song man A. C. Newman and features the slippery smooth vocal gymnastics of cowgirl crooner Neko Case, an attraction in her own right. I saw them last time they came through and “don’t miss the New Pornographers” is my official recommendation.

The New Pornographers play at the Sunshine Theater with Menomena Thursday April 14th, 2011. The Alibi has a very limited number of half-priced tickets available. Once those are gone, get tickets from Hold My Ticket.