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The Daily Word in drones, reefer stores, hematomas and how the NSA controls your iPhone

The Daily Word

Here's a list of local holiday closures to help you figure out when to put out your trash and stuff.

The Rio Grande is bone-dry in southern New Mexico.

Santa Fe's plastic bag ban takes effect February 27th 2014.

The Johnny Tapia film is coming soon.

NSA has 100% access to your iPhone. Messages, contacts—and they can remotely turn it into a listening device. Not cool.

Ariel Castro's neighbor was a murder-raping pig and he is going to jail.

Michael Schumacher is getting relatively better after his terrible skiing accident.

There is now a better cardboard box, people.

Cab Calloway's lexicon of hip will make you the life of the party before you cop a final.

Weed stores will open their doors in Denver tomorrow.

Dig this totally righteous anti-Nazi Christmas card from 1943.

You will need this guide to identifying and hiding from drones.

Buy Chuck Norris' house.

A tanker train exploded in North Dakota.

"The octopus-man would make a fine policeman or soldier ...."

V.18 No.53 |


The Daily Word 12.31.09: New Year's Eve, Val Kilmer's Birthday

The Daily Word

It's the last Daily Word of the Aughts! This was my favorite part of the 'OOs.

Australia parties down ... under that is.

Rapid Ride buses will run until 2 a.m. Jan. 1.

Your New Year's resolution will fail.

Will the Kindle replace the book in 2010?

Evangelist preacher asks for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for his church in 48 hours.

AT&T says "See Ya" to Tiger Woods.

Van Morrison says hackers are to blame for claims that the 64 year old was a new dad.

Puerto Rico holds off on plans for a monkey-breeding facility.

It's Val Kilmer's birthday!