V.22 No.2 | 1/10/2013


Hyper-local listening party reps 505 sound

Read all about Ken Cornell’s Local Spin, which exclusively showcases Nuevo Mexicano music, in 505 Listening Party. This is an event for everyone who digs local music, not just musicians and obsessives. Cornell whipped up a sampler playlist for Alibi readers. Stream it below. Blackbird Buvette • The Local Spin • Sat Jan 12 • 7 pm • FREE • 21+ • blackbirdbuvette.com

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Video Games

What Did You Play This Weekend?

This weekend I continued to indulge my fairly heady obsession over Splinter Cell: Conviction, and completed a third (and final?) playthrough of the game. It's a rare game that sucks me in like this. The mechanics/risks/rewards that make my brain do this wash-rinse-repeat thing are all very finely balanced here, and the melding of challenge and meting out of upgrades is handled incredibly well. I've now finished it on all the difficulty settings, and managed to pull off most of the stunts that are up for grabs, like shoot X number of enemies in Y fashion, throw a guy through a door/at another guy/out a window, etc, etc. Beyond that I got in a little more Lego Star Wars with my son (on father's day = best), and jumped back into (maybe, if the Conviction hooks are truly loosed) Red Dead Redemption.