V.25 No.36 | 09/08/2016

Event Horizon

Bier Jahreszeit

Saturday, Sep 17: Oktoberfest 2016

Enjoy German food from Grain Station, a polka band performs live and try the newest seasonal beer from the local brewery, Oktoberfest Lager.
V.19 No.42 | 10/21/2010
ABQ Beer Geek


Seasonal Samplings

A fall beer face-off

There isn’t a true category of fall beers, as there is for winter warmers. But fall is the season when two popular styles, Märzen (commonly known as Octoberfest in the U.S.) and pumpkin are released. New Mexico gets imported versions of most of the beers served at Germany’s legendary Oktoberfest. Locally, Santa Fe Brewing has an Octoberfest available in cans, and Turtle Mountain has an excellent version available at their pub. Pumpkin beer choices are limited in the Albuquerque area as far as bottled offerings. I recommend the pumpkin releases from Marble, Hallenbrick and Chama River, which should be available in the next week. Chama will also debut a new version of theirs, dubbed “Punkin Drublic.”

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V.19 No.38 | 9/23/2010


The Daily Word 9.21.10: too many cats, toilet anaconda, lethal Bowflex machine

The Daily Word

The world’s oldest man just turned 114!

175 cats were removed from this Colorado man’s home. At least 85 of them were dead.

Friends don’t let friends use Bowflex.

You could win $100,000 dollars in this texting championship.

There’s a warrant out for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest after she failed a drug test.

Let’s all take a road trip to Germany’s 200th Oktoberfest.

When you start your car in the morning, watch out for falling kittens.

Out of all the places you could publicly urinate on, I probably wouldn’t choose a police station.

State Senator Mary Jane Garcia suffers a broken leg as she is mugged outside the Hotel Albuquerque.

Stop right there! There’s an anaconda in your toilet.

APD is asking a Washington D.C. think tank to look into why the hell we’re so violent.

A police chase ends with two head-on collisions at Second Street and Aztec last night.