V.28 No.34 | 8/22/2019


The readers write about Trump.
V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
The readers write about the fuel plume, ethylene dibromide, zero carbon energy and afterlife justice.
V.28 No.29 | 7/18/2019
A reader writes about vaccines.
V.28 No.27 | 7/4/2019
A reader writes about dogmatic prohibitions.
V.28 No.26 | 6/27/2019
A reader writes about vaccines.
V.28 No.25 | 6/20/2019
A reader writes about progressive media ignoring Trump's crimes and lies.
V.28 No.24 | 6/13/2019
Albuquerque and the surrounding planet


A Deafening Silence

Past is future and future is now

Former Mayor Martin Chavez’ belief that a lack of consequences are to blame for the high crime rate—and consequently the show of force—seems simplistic for a man who once led this city into the 21st century.


The readers write in about “militant” gays and a local dearth of “fire and brimstone.”
V.28 No.21 | 5/23/2019
A reader asks Sanders and Biden to drop out of the presidential race to become unconstrained leaders.
V.28 No.20 | 5/16/2019
The readers write about the causes of immigration and the Clean & Green Retail Ordinance.
V.28 No.18 | 5/2/2019
A reader writes about preaching to the choir.
V.28 No.17 | 4/25/2019
A reader writes that per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are not the leading cause of cancer.
V.28 No.15 | 4/11/2019
The readers write about pollution.
V.28 No.14 | 4/4/2019
A reader writes about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
V.28 No.13 | 3/28/2019
The readers write about the Electoral College.