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The Daily Word in no social security benefits for Nazis, an HBO Johnny Tapia documentary and outrageous details of torture

The Daily Word

HBO made a Johnny Tapia documentary.

The color of the year has been announced.

APD released another image of the man suspected of shooting my favorite 7-11 clerk this past weekend.

A former Nazi charged for his involvement in an infamous WWII massacre in France appears to be off the hook.

In other Nazi-related news, Congress has passed a law that will prevent former Nazis from recieving social security benefits.

All those allegations of torture and cruelty against terrorism suspects in the hands of Americans and their minions turn out to be true and worse than previously alleged according to a report just released.

A private company is winnowing the field of candidates for a one-way mission to Mars.

Avril Lavigne has developed a celebrity mystery illness.

Check out Boing Boing's gift guide.

Afghanistan just harvested enough opium to equal 90 percent of the world's supply.

Author Alice Walker is a fan of conspiracy theorist David Icke!

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The Daily Word 08.09.09: Public Option, Spotsoon, Climate Change

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

It's "Spotsoon" season.

There's still time to take advantage of a tax-free weekend.

People still sell crack cocaine? That is so '80s to mid '90s.

Would someone please find this escaped convicted murderer?

Typhoon hits China.

Obama set to meet with Canadian and Mexican leaders.

Opium is ravaging Afghan families.

More trouble for public health care option.

Teens must learn how to deal with the recession.

Climate change is a national security threat.

Tesla turns a profit.

Cocaine contributed to Billy Mays' death.