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V.22 No.12 | 3/21/2013


The Daily Word in Lobos get the three seed, Operation Valkyrie survivor and thumbs up

The Daily Word

The number 3 seed Lobos will face Harvard in Salt Lake City.

The release date of Jobs has been pushed back indefinitely.

A body and a bags of bombs were found in a dorm room at the University of Central Florida.

An APD officer was shot yesterday during and investigation near San Mateo and Gibson.

A violin that was played as the Titanic sank has resurfaced.

New Mexico baby receives life saving organ donation days before his first birthday.

Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, the last survivor of the plot to assassinate Hitler has died at age 90.

Record breaking thumbs up!

V.19 No.52 |

The Daily Word 1.1.11

Hair of the dog edition

The Daily Word

Hair of the dog. With voicebox bagpipes.

Somebody put something in my drink.

Another Tupolov TU-154 passenger jet crashed, er... exploded before take-off. Pop group Na Na were there.

Think the world is going to end in 2012? WRONG! Try May 21st 2011.

Relive the past ten years of time-wasting by wasting more time on these top ten memes of the decade.

Close to zero degrees in ABQ last night. There are no interesting links for thawing frozen water pipes so watch some stupid snowmobile viddies. Might want to turn the sound down and play Sound of Music instead.

Speaking of The Sound of Music, eldest Von Trapp daughter Agathe Von Trapp died. She didn't really have a telegram-delivering Nazi boyfriend.

Iran's first satirical news show -actually made in D.C.- Parazit is broadcast by Voice of America. Journalism or propaganda?

Iraq may ban guns. Wait-wait, make that toy guns.

Dolphins beach themselves because... well, because they're deaf.

Gee, didn't see this coming: Organ donation as condition of parole is probably illegal.

On new years day in 1788, Quakers in Pennsylvania emancipated their slaves. That's 19 years before the British abolished the slave trade and 75 years before the emancipation proclamation.

V.19 No.50 | 12/16/2010


An infant organ donor

Joseph Quiambao was only 4 months old when he saved the lives of two infant girls. In 1998, after a tragic accident, Quiambao’s heart was given to a baby girl in Colorado, and his liver went to another little girl in California.

Bernadette Tohtsoni, (Joseph’s mother) and her son, Reggie, will be creating a floragraph—a portrait made of flowers—tonight at the Queen of Heaven Church (5311 Phoenix NE) at 7 p.m. The image will be among 60 on a float in this year’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, Calif.

The public is invited to hear Bernadette and Reggie talk about organ donation. Two transplant recipients will be on hand to discuss what it was like to receive a life-saving organ transplant, says Maria Sanders of New Mexico Donor Services. “We’ll also be learning the myths and misconceptions about organ donation.”

Computers will be set up so people can go to to find out if they’re already registered as organ donors. You can also register as a donor through the site.

V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010

Council Watch

Give of Yourself

City councilors urged us to share our hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys and other body parts—and not just when our time on planet Earth is up. Councilor Dan Lewis introduced a proclamation supporting Donate Life, an organ donation organization. This is a family issue for Lewis, who gave a kidney to his brother. Tim Lewis spoke at the meeting along with a handful of other organ recipients. One woman talked about the miracle of her double lung transplant. Another woman said she received a heart and a new life from an 11-year old. There are around 960,000 people who’ve signed up to be organ donors in the state, though the population is about 1.9 million.

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