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The Daily Word in a Bandidos bust, Bigfoot in Nebraska, Obama chills out on Syria and Neil Young tells Keystoners like it is

The Daily Word

Cavity-filled driver of car involved in accident on I-40 last week arraigned in court with a spectacular history of bench warrants.

Motorcycle gang busts!

President Obama was giving interviews last night like Debbie did Dallas.

9/11, cancer.

The 1980's British Columbia ghost town that time forgot.

Yeti sighting in Nebraska.

George Zimmerman cannot stay out of the news.

Neil Young isn't cool with the petroleum drilling projects based around the Keystone Pipeline.

Onions were so cheap in India, even your momma couldn't cook them all.

Convicted New Delhi rapists to be sentenced tomorrow, possibly will hang.

When we worshiped craven images.

Barber who uses fire to trim hair. Pat Buchanan's hair.

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The Daily Word in Obama on Leno, Lego man on beach and bus sex

The Daily Word

Police are cracking down on Occupiers in Oakland, Atlanta and here in Albuquerque.

Obama and Leno play softball on the Tonight Show.

Members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority are on alert after four members are sexually assaulted.

Happy Diwali!!!

It's almost never a good idea to have sex on a public bus.

The last B53 nuclear bomb has been dismantled.

Vitamins are worthless.

87-year-old man busted with 104 bricks of cocaine.

Group calls for Pat Buchanan to be fired from MSNBC after he appears on a pro-White talk show.

Giant Lego man washes up on Florida beach.

I like asparagus, but I'd eat more if it was spray-painted gold.

Why is Beavis and Butthead back?

The 18th century Copiale Cipher has been cracked.

Disney won't let Johnny Depp talk to ABC stations about his upcoming film The Rum Diary.

Stephen King's Dark Tower series is coming to HBO.

Creepy old audio recordings here.

Andy Rooney hospitalized.

Burger King knows better than to offer this All-You-Can-Eat Whopper deal in America.

The 10 best episodes of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.

Parks & Rec + Breaking Bad = Parks & Meth

Happy Birthday Pat Sajak!!!

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The Daily Word in Awlaki assassination, hobbit homes, the Machine Gun Preacher, saggy pants ban

The Daily Word

Top Al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen.

Pat Buchanan puts black voters on the "liberal plantation."

Frodo lives in Wales.

Major League Baseball playoffs are set, and begin today.

State Fair results in 223 DUI arrests.

Speaking of drunk drivers, former Indy 500 winner gets busted on Paseo.

Kobe Bryant might be taking his talents to northern Italy.

The Machine Gun Preacher is on the spiritual warpath.

D.C. organization sends out 8,000 fake absentee ballots to Albuquerqueans.

Listeria threat spreads to lettuce.

Plus, cantaloupe death toll expected to rise.

Try to name Courtney Love's new memoir.

Albany, Ga. raking in the dough from saggy pants ban.

District Attorney drops prostitution ring charges against former UNM president. Guess it ain't that hard out there for a pimp.

Get ready to start paying fees when you use your debit card. Especially if you have Bank of America.

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MariSol R. Little

Michael Jackson related Media

Michael Jackson - HERO. Congressman Peter King - Babbling Buffoon

Woe to YOU Peter King. Trying to leverage hatred the day before the funeral

The day before the Michael Jackson funeral,MSNBC's "Hardball" ran a segment
showing New York Congressman Peter King trying to
win favor with his constituents by making inflammatory comments like calling Michael Jackson "a pedophile" amongst other tacky and racist remarks.

Pat Buchanan was asked to react and I'm pleased that Mr. Buchanan was critical of CongressmanKing. He did not think
Peter King acted appropriately. Furthermore, Mr. Buchanan
quoted the late Senator Thomas Hart Benton on the subject of criticizing the deceased,
"When God Almighty lays his hand upon a man ... I take mine off, "

dixieDeer's take

We live in a society where so many people are disconnected from wealth, power, & prestige. This is especially true with African Americans.

Like Jackie Robinson, Michael Jackson courageously crashed through the color line. He crashed through so splendidly & given the fact that his formative years were filled with chaos & abuse, the MJ story is one of history's GREATEST underdog legends and he is a hero to millions.

When you combine his astonishing musical talent and billboard success with the aforementioned sociological forces, it is no matter of mystery that this is a huge media event. The negative personality traits
of Jackson also fuel the overall publicity.

Pat Buchanan, a pundit for the right, is correct to correct the conduct of this right wing King Congressman, who is absolutely WRONG.

It is super lame and weak to try to use this
unfortunate event to win political favor. King should be ashamed and run out of office. It is predicted by this blogger that Peter King's vulgar publicity stunt will backFireBigTime .

Like many Kings before him, this King shall soon fall.....


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