V.25 No.8 | 02/25/2016

Event Horizon

Playing Chicken

Friday, Mar 4: Hikers, Bikers and Automobiles: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Watch a PSA documentary about sharing the road in New Mexico.
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Roundabouts: Why?

Angry pedestrian speaks to drivers

It's great to be here at a cool paper in the cool part of town.

There's only one problem.

Every morning I park my car about seven blocks from Weekly Alibi headquarters and mosey on over.

I have to cross the street at something called a “roundabout” that has been placed on Central west of 7th St. My only recollection of roundabouts springs from movies where hapless American tourists become trapped in them while driving.

The stupid traffic impediments in question have cross walks clearly marked with yield to pedestrian signs.

I've been here nearly three weeks and only two vehicles have yielded to me thus far. There are a million ways to die and I don't want to catch it in a cross walk.

If you see someone in the crosswalk, in particular, a large, unshaven man slinging a camera bag, stop. If you run me over,

I won't be happy (and possibly dead.)

Thank you and be safe.