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The Daily Word 01.29.20: Howard Zinn, Tiller's Killer, Good Economy News

The Daily Word

Albuquerque police officer is a suspect in his wife's death.

A sales tax hike inches forward in the House.

Did an angry mob surround APD officers? Or did the officers just get bent out of shape?

Howard Zinn, the historian and activist who wrote A People's History of the United States, died yesterday.

The man who killed the abortion doctor has been convicted.

Lobos focus on MWC, not NCAA. And it's not because they suck.

Bill Gates pledges $10 billion for vaccines.

The economy "roared ahead" in the fourth quarter of 2009, growing at its fastest rate in six years. (Whoa. Good economy news? Yes, please.)

Pee Wee Herman got an iPad.

Professional women drink more than lower-paid women.

People skeptical of homeopathy plan to swallow whole bottles of pills.

Bachelor confused by love.

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The Daily Word 08.27.09: Kidnapping, Cocaine, Kilmer

The Daily Word

Woman kidnapped as 11-year-old walks into a police station, 18 years later.

Richardson won't be charged in pay-to-play thingie.

Val Kilmer is definitely probably not running for governor.

Dominick Dunne died.

Possible treatment for genetic disease also sci-fi scary.

NM couple charged with abuse after 6-year-old daughter tests positive for cocaine.

We have Disneyland. The Chinese have ... IKEA?

Microsoft apologizes for replacing black man's head with a white one in a Polish ad.

The politics of hair for black women.

It's Paul Reubens' birthday.