Penelope Cruz

penelope cruz

V.28 No.45 | 11/7/2019
Pain & Glory

Film Review

Pain & Glory

Celebrated Spanish filmmaker offers “autofictional” story of celebrated Spanish filmmaker

Inward-looking and overwhelmingly elegiac in nature, Almodóvar’s Pain & Glory still manages to feel more like a life-affirming wake than a glum funeral—offering at least as much glory as pain.
V.24 No.46 | 11/12/2015

The Daily Word in Calvin and Hobbes, Governor Martinez, and a Zoolander sequel

The Daily Word

Thirty years ago today the first Calvin and Hobbes comic was published. Go read it and relive your childhood.

The Lobo's best season in much too long causes a surge of local pride.

Drunk girls and puppies, a match made in Buzzfeed heaven.

The third article of a four part investigative story on the examination of Governor Martinez' campaign spending.

Previous generations have screwed the current one. Let's try and break the cycle.

Zoolander returns.

V.19 No.49 | 12/9/2010
Maybe blondes do have more fun?

Couch Potato

I Like to Watch (Instantly): Broken Embraces, Woman on Top

Notable Pedro Almodovar titles from the Netflix Watch Instantly world


Directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Cast: Penélope Cruz,Lluís Homar,Blanca Portillo, Jose Luis Gomez

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar (High Heels, The Flower of My Secret, All About My Mother) gets rather serious in this camp-free melodrama about a blind writer (Lluís Homar) nursing some long-hidden heartbreak. Much of the film's run time is spent on flashbacks detailing our protagonist's affair with a wannabe actress (Penélope Cruz) on the set of a movie 15 year ago. Various other characters and storylines weave their way through this ensemble narrative. The scattered plot takes some time to come together, but like all Almodóvar films, it coalesces quite neatly.

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