V.29 No.1 | 1/2/2020
Walter McDonald slide

Art Magnified

Guess Who

The slides of Walter McDonald

In 1969, the fledgling Albuquerque Museum hired photographer Walter McDonald to take pictures of Albuquerque. 50 years later they are full of life in a bustling, colorful time in our history.
V.28 No.51 | 12/19/2019
Philip Metcalf’s “Fire Ghosts” at Photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space in Santa Fe
Photo by Clarke Condé

Art Magnified

Pyrocene Witnesses

Fire Ghosts by Philip Metcalf and Patricia Galagan

After the Jemez Mountains firte of 2011, two photographers, a husband (Philip Metcalf) and wife (Patricia Galagan) team walked into what was once a forest to tell the story of what happened and what will happen next.
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V.28 No.42 | 10/17/2019
Photo by Clarke Condé

Art Preview

Photography in Interesting Times

Center’s Review Santa Fe Photo Festival

When everyone has a camera in their pocket why would you need a professional photographer? For 25 years, Center has kept photographers one step ahead of the turbulent and often overwhelming curse and blessing of living in these modern, interesting times.
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V.28 No.31 | 8/1/2019
Atlantic Ocean
Photo by Fabio Miguel Roque

Arts Interview

The River, The Ocean and The Sea

Photographing Water Around the World

The photography project The River, The Ocean, The Sea is about the Rio Grande, the Atlantic Ocean and the Andaman Sea, respectively, or at least the parts that photographers Nick Tauro Jr., Fábio Miguel Roque and Hean Kuan Ong know well. Weekly Alibi sat down with Nick Tauro Jr. to talk about how the project came together, what the photographs tell us and why he makes photography books in the digital age.
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north korean soldiers
Nathalie Daoust

Art Magnified

Camera Redacted

Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams

Consider for a moment if you could smuggle film out of North Korea. The effort it took to bring Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams to Albuquerque is enough to warrant a good long look.
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V.28 No.21 | 5/23/2019
Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miguel Gandert

Art Magnified

Intimate Public Acts

Miguel Gandert’s Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Miguel Gandert’s photograph Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico in the new exhibit Constructed Realities at April Price Projects Gallery offers the viewer a rare opportunity to consider both a perfect photograph and the way photography has changed in recent years.
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V.28 No.18 | 5/2/2019
Photo by Jessica Roybal

Arts Interview

Street-Level New Mexico

The Photography of Jessica Roybal

Jessica Roybal possesses a rare advantage as a photographer; she lives somewhere interesting. As an architecture student, she came to photography to better understand how buildings interact with the street. As a New Mexican, she already knew what was there.
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V.28 No.7 | 2/14/2019
Justin Thor Simenson and Hakim Bellamy

Art Preview

Haunting City Portraits

Poet and photographer team up for book and exhibit

We Are Neighbors is a new collection of poems and photos from poet Hakim Bellamy and civil designer/photographer Justin Thor Simenson, both of Albuquerque.
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V.28 No.4 | 1/24/2019

Art Pics

Citizen Artists

Instagram democratizes New Mexico photography

Ansel Adams once said of New Mexico that it was “the most completely beautiful place I have ever seen.” It should come as no surprise, then, that with the radical democratization of visual art afforded by the internet in recent years there has been a blossoming of photographic talent native to this state.
V.27 No.39 | 9/27/2018
Hal Buell
AP Photo

Culture Shock

The Inside Scoop

AP photo editor and Pulitizer juror visits ABQ

Hal Buell shares his decades of photojournalism knowledge and its role in shaping our understanding of history.
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V.27 No.18 | 5/3/2018
© Estate of Patrick Nagatani

Arts Interview

Feeling for the Edge

Survey of Patrick Nagatani's early photograhy illumines a master

We speak with curator Mary Statzer about Patrick Nagatani, who created smart, often surprising photographs that hummed with their questions on spirituality, the construction of self, how we heal and how we fit into the puzzle of the natural world.
V.26 No.48 | 11/30/2017
Chris Cozzone

Culture Shock

The True Lens of the Camera

Photographer Chris Cozzone explores the lives playing out in Albuquerque

While Chris Cozzone dedicates his working hours to teaching and administrative responsibilities, he still possesses a relentless drive to photograph the world around him, finding a wellspring of inspiration on the streets of Albuquerque and among his students at the jail.
V.26 No.34 | 8/24/2017
Frida Kahlo and Juan Farill, 1951
by Gisel̀e Freund courtesy of Frida Kahlo Museum

Culture Shock

Frida Kahlo Through the Lens

Her “battlefield of suffering” illumined in 241 photos from her private collection

In her work, Kahlo was able to continually realize and remake the power of pain. In her life, she stands as a figure of immutable strength and on her face, her “battlefield of suffering” is reflected back to the viewer.
V.26 No.31 | 8/3/2017
Eden Lai

Art Preview

From the Darkroom to the Light

Latent Image Collective's Ongoing Conversation

In photography the latent image is one that has yet to be developed on the film strip. The image is registered with light; it just hasn't been called forth yet. It is this process of development that inspired the start of Latent Image Collective.
V.26 No.26 | 6/29/2017
Minie Gonzalez
Minie Gonzalez

Culture Shock

The Indomitable Minie Gonzalez

The enduring creative power of one irrepressible local photographer

From the time she learned to work a camera to the last day she was able to hold one, Minie Gonzalez was taking photographs.