V.24 No.30 | 7/23/2015

Flash in the Pan

Summer Planting, Summer Preserving

You're not too late, or too early, to the food party

It’s not too late! Or too early.
V.20 No.41 | 10/13/2011
Gearing up for a canning session
Mina Yamashita

Mina's Dish

In a Pickle

Canning, drying and freezing made easy

In our musty Detroit cellar my mother tended a 5-gallon crock. She was making tsukemono—a fermented cabbage pickle that’s like kimchi but without the heat. Tsukemono was my introduction to homemade pickles that employed a process learned over generations.
V.19 No.28 | 7/15/2010


Learn to Make Homemade Pickles Tomorrow

All summer long, the Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service teaches classes on homestead-ready topics like canning fruits and vegetables (Aug. 25), and freezing and drying foods (Aug. 26). This Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon, making homemade pickles is on lesson plan. All classes take place at the 4-H Center (1500 Menaul NW) and cost $10. Register at 243-1386.