pierced kittens

V.19 No.15 | 4/15/2010
The Daily Word

The Daily Word 4.13.10: iSpecs, Pierced Kittens, Vapor Wake Dogs

Check out this new porno magazine ... for the blind.

A woman gets put on house arrest for giving her kittens body piercings.

Mexico’s tourism industry is way, way down due to drug cartel violence.

Facebook is told to install a “panic button” for children scouted by sexual predators.

Apple goes to work on creating 3D glasses, or “iSpecs”, to watch films on the go.

Check out these “vapor wake” dogs, the next generation of sniffing out explosives.

Conan O’Brien begins his 32-city “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour.”

UNM men’s basketball star Darrington Hobson is reported to f orego his senior year and enter the NBA Draft.

A deputy shoots and kills a man threatening suicide in Tijeras. Mission accomplished?