Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood

V.26 No.37 | 9/14/2017

Wonder Women

The Intersection of Sex Ed & Song

Sex educators by day and playing shows at night, Becki Jones and Liza Bley live their convictions

Weekly Alibi interviews musical sex educators Liza Bley and Becki Jones.
V.25 No.50 | 12/15/2016

The Daily Word in Planned Parenthood, Berlin and Local Crime

The Daily Word

What's the deal with virginity?

President Obama continues to save the day.

We could easily be looking at a Sander's presidency, but because of old Democrats, we just can't have nice things.

Here's everything known currently about the Berlin attack.

Texas is making moves to prevent Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

Should parents be held accountable for their children's crimes?

More details are coming to light after a decapitated body was found behind a Walmart earlier this week.

V.25 No.46 | 11/17/2016

Event Horizon

Four Years of Grabbing Back Starts Now

Friday, Nov 25: Civil Rights Workshop

Discuss the threats to American civil rights expected during the next four years. Donations will be taken for ACLU N.M. and Planned Parenthood.
V.25 No.4 | 01/28/2016

The Daily Word in Street Harassment, Canadian Aliens, and Zika

The Daily Word

We’re all going to get Zika and die (or maybe not, whatever).

Some bad ass ladies in Mexico are fighting street harassment by being punk as fuck.

Fox Spotlight paid over $17 million for a biopic about Nat Turner at Sundance.

Most New Mexican’s support marijuana legalization and no one is surprised except your white, baptist grandma.

I wonder if Canadian aliens are nicer than American aliens?

Mattel finally gets with it and created a variety of Barbie dolls for kids.

Activists behind the Planned Parenthood legal attacks are being charged with

V.24 No.52 | 12/24/2015


The Daily Word in Susana Martinez, Star Wars, and Islamophobia

The Daily Word

Islamophobia strikes again .

It’s Gov. Susana Martinez’s party and she can get rowdy if she wants to. *Insert hysterically laughing emoji here*.

If I could sigh and roll my eyes any harder at these Planned Parenthood protesters.

No one really cares if Martin Shkreli got arrested. The real concern here is what’s going to happen to Wu Tang’s album.

Amusement parks: Where you have to go through metal detectors and feel unsafe when you’re just trying to have a good time.

Amy Poehler and I are basically the same person because we’re the only two people in the world who don’t care about the new Star Wars movie.

But one another note for you Star Wars nerds out there, check out this video of the cast pretending they’re as cool as Anna Kendrick while they sing an A Capelle version of the movies theme song.

Netflix just wants to be that friend you can count on with cozy socks.

V.24 No.50 | 12/10/2015

The Daily Word in the Golden Globes, Islamophobia, and Texas

The Daily Word

The Golden Globe nominations are IN.

Kendrick Lamar is perfect and I want him to win everything at the Grammys, and it looks like he very well could.

Okay, I actually believe that this is a missile.

Trying to understand millennials politically? This may help.

Ever since I realized people take Hitler—I mean Trump—seriously, I can’t stop worrying about it.

The Planned Parenthood shooter can’t shut the fuck up.

Is Islamophobia worse right now than after 9/11?

Take note, Susana: Syrians are definitely, legally allowed to go to Texas now.

V.24 No.48 | 11/26/2015


The Daily Word in targeting the intrauterine device as a"life-ending divide" and other interesting Christian views

The Daily Word

A former inmate at the old NM state penitentiary is going digging in the exercise yard for buried evidence of illegal organ harvesting.

Albuquerque will have a parade honoring Holly Holm on December 6th.

Here's how the unscrupulous Martin Shkreli became the owner of a pharmaceutical company.

How to spin your failed prediction of the apocalypse.

Pirelli Tires has a nifty 2016 calendar eschewing the usual models and exotica in favor of b&w photographs of respected female artists.

Some anti-abortion groups are working to make insurance coverage of IUDs less common by arguing IUDs are a "life-ending device" that violates the Religious Freedoms Act.

The last king of Ireland rules 150 people on Tory island.

You must hear what this pastor has to say about the audience in Bataclan who deserved to die by virtue of their attending an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

In case you really want to get an idea of how widespread government requests for internet-related personal information, the US released some long lists.

V.24 No.40 | 10/1/2015


The Daily Word in pickles, Boehners and the Pope

The Daily Word

Trans woman harassed by dumb idiots that work for the TSA.

Did the Holy Spirit move House Speaker John Boehner to change his party from “Asshole” to “Philanthropist”? Only time will tell.

Pope Francis heals all.

Tasha The Amazon must be an angel (or an alien) because her flow is heavenly.

New students at UNM inspire an overhaul of the local education system.

I encourage you to be a professional, take your job seriously (especially on a Friday!) and look at these otters.


Don't fuck with pickles, man.

Critical thinking is difficult for government officials, but I believe they can do it one day.

V.20 No.33 | 8/18/2011

Alibi Picks

Red Dress Run

The very first incarnation of the Hash House Harriers began in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A few of its stated aims were promoting physical fitness among its members, acquiring a good thirst and satisfying it with cold beer—truly a battle cry we can all rally behind. Today, Albuquerque HHH (the "drinking club with a running problem") hosts its Red Dress Run with all proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. Starting at 12:30 p.m., meet up and register at Chama River Brewing Co. (4931 Pan American NE). $20 gets you a wristband ($30 if you're not wearing a red dress; guys count too!), which can be used after the run for discounts on food and drink at Allure Bar and Grill, Chama River Brewing Co., Il Vicino, and Nexus Brewery. For more and to register early, visit Cheers!

V.20 No.7 | 2/17/2011
Rep. Mike Pence


The war on women’s health care

A vote in Congress this week will decide the fate of millions of dollars and people that usually go to Planned Parenthood.

The vote could even happen today.

Rep. Mike Pence has proposed a measure that would cut Title X funding from any organization that also provides abortions services. But that money is used for family planning, says Jenny Black, CEO of Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. The Title X program was created by President Nixon four decades ago and allows low-income women access to contraception, pap tests, testing for sexually transmitted infections (including AIDS) and breast exams. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of Title X services in the country, Black says.

“We are a point of entry for women into the health care system,” Black adds. “Women come in for the first time, for their first pap or first STI testing. They’re coming because they’re sexually active and responsibly taking care of themselves. They won’t have anywhere to turn.”

Pence’s bill was also amended to cut off any funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that flowed into Planned Parenthood for STI prevention and treatment.

Another amendment seeks to ax money for sexuality education in the country. But President Obama also is seeking funds for proven sex-ed programs after years of President Bush’s policy to only fund abstinence-based education.

The amendment that would hit New Mexico the hardest, says Black, would halt any federal dollars from making their way to a Planned Parenthood affiliate. That means Medicaid.

“We provide care for about 25,000 families in New Mexico,” Black says. “This is an attack on women’s health, but it’s also an attack on a family’s ability to control its own fertility.”

Nationwide, 3 million women seek health care from Planned Parenthood, and again, Black points out, that’s 3 million families. “It’s not just the women,” she says. “It’s the men in their lives, too.”

Zeroing out federal funding for Planned Parenthood severs a key component of America’s health care infrastructure, Black adds. And it’s economically unsound, she adds: For every dollar spent on preventive care, the country saves four bucks in later medical costs.

House Republicans also launched a separate measure that would completely defund Title X altogether, not just take Title X money from Planned Parenthood.

“When Congress is supposed to be focused on the economy and creating jobs,” Black says, “we’re seeing this highly politicized attack on women’s health care.”

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America calls this “the most dangerous legislative assault on women’s health” in the organization’s 95-year history. Through this link, people who want to weigh in on the issue can reach the office of their U.S. representative. Or you can call 202-730-9001.

V.20 No.5 |

The Daily Word 2.5.11: Gitmo cage death; bag of panties; Palins trademark their name

The Daily Word

British court declares man too dumb for sex.

"Bitches love my mom jeans."

Victoria, B.C. Craig's List item: Bag of panties (in the bushes.)

NASDAQ has been hacked repeatedly in the past year.

A Pepsi, some cookies and lots of screaming: first hand account of what detainment by Egyptian secret police is like. Everything thing else about Egyptian current affairs can be found on Al Jazeera English. Just embrace it.

Guantanamo detainee kept in cage for nine years -and never charged- has died of an apparent heart attack.

I finally figured out who NM First Dude Chuck Franco reminds me of.

Palin Palin Palin Palin. Oh, shit. But can I still change my name to Palin Comparison?

Beautifully, horrible-bad scene from a 1978 Italian sci-fi film.

Meet Lila Rose, the woman behind the planned parenthood pimp'n'hos bullshit. Do NOT. Look. Into HER EYES.

Professors behaving badly.

This guy came up with a way to win the lottery 95 percent of the time. Did he get rich? No. Did he tell the lottery? Yes. Is he Canadian? Yup.

Do you feel like a jackass when you forget your phone somewhere? Meet Cody Wilkins, dumbass.

On this day in 1941 The S.S. Politician foundered in the Hebrides. It was carrying 260,000 bottles of whisky. Guess what happened next.

V.20 No.4 |


The Daily Word 02.02.11: Another Snow Day, Medical Clowns, Free Porn

The Daily Word

Yes, yes it's really cold out. Just try and keep it together, ok?

The unrest in Egypt is continuing, even after Mubarak pledges to leave office.

Congressional Republicans are trying to redefine rape.

Depressing real estate story #34.

Teenage wolf pack members arrested in Pennsylvania.

Glenn Beck uses chalkboards to equate the uprising in Egypt to the beginning of the End Times.

Feel bad after reading the latest leaked Fox News memo, then feel worse after watching a new fake pimp and ho video targeting Planned Parenthood. Then eat some cake.

What's the deal with all that free porn online?

It looks like Borders is nearing bankruptcy.

When am I gonna get my vat-grown hamburgers?

Zsa Zsa Gabor is near death. Goodbye citylife! (too soon?)

Apple is trying to take a bigger piece of all content sold on it's devices.

The best of sexual harassment stock photography.

Why didn't anyone tell me Dunkin' Donuts had new donuts?

Five things to do with your old laptop.

Original Robospanker for sale, only $500. Wait, what?

How to make your own Girl Scout Thin Mints.

Medical clowns (?) can help women get pregnant.

More oral sex = more cancer.

Happy birthday Brent Spiner!

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010
A demonstrator and her baby at the rally of abortion rights supporters
Marisa Demarco

News Bite

Protesters Stand Against Anti-Abortion Group

"Operation Rescue, not in my community" was the call-and-response chant of the pink-clad abortion rights supporters outside Planned Parenthood.

[ more >> ] [ permalink ]


Abortion rights supporters to rally today

The Alibi’s reported in the past on the hundreds who turn out on Good Friday to protest in front of Planned Parenthood. Smaller demonstrations are daily events at that clinic and others.

Today, at about 4:30 p.m., Planned Parenthood of New Mexico is calling abortion rights supporters to gather at the clinic on 719 San Mateo NE. The rally is intended to express opposition to anti-choice groups that harass and intimidate abortion providers.

Project Defending Life set up shop down the street from Planned Parenthood a few years ago. Since then, it’s moved directly across the street.

During last year’s Good Friday protests, there was talk of Operation Rescue coming to town. That anti-abortion group led the protests at Dr. George Tiller’s offices in Wichita, Kan. Tiller performed third-trimester abortions, and he was shot and killed in May 2009 as he left church.

Few doctors nationwide perform late-term abortions, so Dr. Curtis Boyd of Albuquerque stepped in to fill his shoes.

Planned Parenthood calls Operation Rescue out in its news release about today’s protests:

The group engages in daily protests at clinics providing abortion services, using inflammatory signage and “Truth Trucks” with huge, graphic images of bloody, mutilated fetuses to upset patients, annoy neighbors and disrupt businesses nearby. It is significant to note that Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser, Cheryl Sullenger, served two years in prison for conspiring to bomb abortion clinics.

V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010


Please Read: Mandatory Sex Test

I was perusing Planned Parenthood New Mexico’s Facespace page looking for updates on the Good Friday abortion protests when I noticed PPNM is offering a deal. For all of April, office visits for sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing are half off. It’s part of MTV’s GYT (Get Yourself Talking, Get Yourself Tested) campaign. Seriously, can we get some more acronyms around here?

To good sex and good health!