V.25 No.5 | 02/04/2016
Lacy David and Holly Noll of Rise and Resist

Popping on Podcasts Instead of Records

I'm guilty of being wayyyy allured by the idea of multitasking. As such, I'm wayyyy into podcasts. The idea of learning while I run, while I fall asleep, while I drive or cook dinner really appeals to me. I'm pretty much just as interested in hearing about my friend's favorite podcasts as I am hearing about their favorite books and records.

In the hopes that you might be just as interested, here's what's in rotation for me on the regular.

DVDASA with David Choe and Asa Akira I would pretty much listen to David Choe talk about anything for hours at a time.

Rise & Resist Inexplicably in the last several years I've become more and more interested in fitness, nutrition and, here's the real curve ball, weightlifting. And I like my information on these topics best when it is delivered by people whose ethics jive with mine. Feminist, body positive, smart talk about well being.

To the Best of Our Knowledge From Wisconsin Public Radio and Public Radio International, the far ranging, always fascinating topics covered here are approached with acumen and insight.

Now, join me in my obsessive multitasking.

V.24 No.44 | 10/29/2015

Podcast Recommendation: Lore

"Lore" aims for the heart of the world's creepiest folklore

The soft voice of Aaron Mahnke may strike the listeners of his podcast, Lore, as oddly disconcerting. Whether Mahnke is discussing axe-weilding murders in the deep south or the creeping monsters of New England's coastline, what is a mainstay of the broadcast is the question, "what is the implication of this story?"

Listen to a few episodes in anticipation of Halloween, but as Mahnke himself tweeted earlier this week, "Let’s remember: 'Lore' isn’t a 'scary story' podcast. It’s a narrative history podcast about the roots of common superstition & folklore." There's much more to these stories than a thrill; they offer a creative exploration of history lived by everyday people, whose lives were touched by traditions and beliefs with mysterious origins and powerful implications.

Listen to Lore here.

V.18 No.49 | 12/3/2009
Chuck and Josh of Stuff You Should Know.

Podcasts We Like #1

Stuff You Should Know

This past weekend most of my time was spent in a car riding back to Albuquerque from New Orleans. That’s 19 hours, folks. Luckily my road trip mate downloaded hours and hours of podcasts, quelling any temptation to settle for crackling sermons, “Come Sail Away” by Styx (though that’s a killer tune) or—shudder—conversation.

There’s a vast cyber-world with untold podcast excellence out there. It makes sense that us Alibi folks should share our favorites, especially in this season of road trips. At the moment I am most fond of the Stuff You Should Know podcast from How Stuff Works. Hosts Chuck and Josh tackle fun subjects while cracking wise in episodes like “What’s a Hangover?,” “Body Farms,” “Is the Necronomicon Real?,” “10 Odd Town Festivals” and “Do Zombies Exist?” Subscribe for free via iTunes.