V.25 No.26 | 06/30/2016

The Daily Word in Spain, UFOs and Clinical Possession

The Daily Word

Two government workers in Spain got busted for skipping work ... for 15 years!

Hey, look what else happened in Spain: A woman was arrested after allegedly stalking Stephen Hawking across multiple countries and sending him death threats.

Yesterday was World UFO Day. If you missed this most joyous of occasions, you can make up for it with a YouTube marathon of paranoid UFO conspiracy "documentaries."

Board-certified psychiatrist Richard Gallagher says sometimes, crazy people are legitimately possessed by evil spirits. He notes that some "possessed" people speak in languages they shouldn't know or can even know secrets about strangers. (I don't think he's ever heard of "cold reading." Look it up.)

Some badass NM scientists are going after the Zika virus by enacting large-scale genocide on those blood-sucking mosquito jerks.