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The Daily Word 05.13.10: Arizona Gets Even Freakier

The Daily Word

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law a measure that bans ethnic studies classes that promote racial resentment.

L.A.'s city council is banning most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in the state.

Round two of the NYPD tapes the Village Voice has been releasing. The gist: Just arrest people. We'll think of a reason later.

In Farmington, N.M., three men are charged after a swastika is branded onto the arm of a mentally disabled man with a heated wire hanger.

Mayor Richard Berry retrieves at least 35 body parts from Kansas.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield rate hike may be struck down by the state.

The FAA threatened to shut down the Sunport because of the prairie dog infestation.

A hotel Abu Dhabi installed an ATM machine that dispenses gold.

We've only made a "guesstimate" about how much oil is leaking into the gulf.

U.S. troops are carrying out battlefield executions, says investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

Meet the vegan ultramarathoner.

Five advantages to being short.